Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hate Speech....

Noted a tiny difference in this post?

Yeah, there was something which made me think. A blog is great. I come and take advantage of my anonymity, pour my heart out to the world. Great to be anonymous. Makes it 'deniable'. Anything that I say here....

Of course there are some great drawbacks.

Was thinking of Ssempa. The guy really has a visceral hatred of gay people. A real, viscious hatred. It consumes him, for whatever reason. It makes him less than human.
But, I dont need to take his obsession to that level. I dont need to be consumed by hatred too.

Yeah, I am not being consistent in my hate of the man. Because hate is, ultimately, a destructive motivator. I dont like what he is doing, promoting gay genocide in the name of his god. And, I will continue pursuing him as long as he pursues me.

But, I will not do it like he does, justifying everything in the name of his phobia.

Nail it down to a less ruthless combatant than I should be. But then, what use losing my humanity in fighting inhumanity?

Ssempa has taken some beating, outside the country. In the country, not so much. Most of the populace is actually oblivious of the 'Anti-Homosexual Bill.', and, those who know of it approve. That is why Ssempa was able to threaten 'political suicide' of any MP who dared oppose him.

This Update on Uganda was very interesting.

Apparently, friend Rick Warren was not 'aware' that he was still linked to Ssempa, some years since he severed connections. Now he is aware, he dissociates himself from that fag-hating 'man of god'.

What Ssempa is doing, what he has done is very, very bad. Hateful.

But it has done one thing for me. Opened my eyes. I didnt know, I didnt actually believe, that they could go that far.
I understand Nsaba-Buturo. Or, at least I think I do. A man that totally, completely believes in his call to somehow force the country Uganda on his moral path. His is the path, and, there is no other path. He is a believer, a total, complete believer. There is no reasoning with him.

He is the zealot. A believer. He will kill, as long as his god justifies it. And, he will die a martyr, in defence of his god. That is Buturo.

So, of course, in his moral war, he is uttering wild statements, and using his political clout to further the Ssempa objectives. The bill was his. Matter of fact. Bahati was the fall guy. And, I will also hit on him. He was stupid. Why agree to do such a thing? It was not something that happened in a moment. It was well thought out. And, he is an adult who should bear the burdens of his mistakes.

But Ssempa?

I admit that I still dont completely understand his motivation. I see all the signs. The pomposity, the grandiosity, the brow beating of any that disagrees with him. I see the charisma when he speaks, the ability to sway, especially the youth. I see the populism, the ruthlessness to use religion as a vehicle for his own mega ambitions. Oh, I expect that soon, he will graduate from 'pastor' to politician. If he has not already. Most likely, he will seek a seat in our rubber stamp parliament. It is a usefull stepping stone. And, it is lucrative.

But, why does the man Ssempa do what he is doing?

Ha! I will find out. And, I will use it to attack him.




Leonard said...

¨And, it is lucrative.¨ gug

It´s true, up or down, Church or Politics or simply I icon of blame/shame...¨it is lucrative¨ and this guy looks like he´s going for *it* regardless of what *it* turns out to be better for him...how about the Generals/Army? Do they like this guy? Has he sucked up to them? Yet?

Anonymous said...

Lots of people seem to love him; especially in the born again infested New Vision. Today my hair raised again when I saw he is nominated for an HIV prevention award: "Ssempa advocates abstinence to fight HIV/AIDS among the youth". Can anybody stop this man being given awards? Does it make sense to fight HIV/AIDS and lobby for criminalizing gays at the same time?

gayuganda said...

He sucks up to anyone...

Ssempa sucks up to anyone. And, we shall work on that.


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