Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Round ups, Was off!

Yeah, and it seems, even less than 24 hours off the net makes more info available on the bill. The Bahati Bill of course.

Anti-Homosexuality Bill No. 18 of 2009 of the Parliament of Uganda. They will come to rue that.

First, here is a fantastic article, detailing some of the effects on HIV prevention in Uganda. Adding a D to ABC. D for death. Thanks Warren. You can really fight the good fight! Its well worth reading. I know diamonds when I see them. Can quickly differentiate them from broken glass!!

And another article, urging Christians in America to intervene. Christians urged to speak out against the Uganda's Anti Gay Bill.

You ask why I emphasize that? It is because it is Christians in Uganda who are persecuting gay Ugandans. And Christians in Uganda who believe they are so moral that it is their God given right to pursue homosexual Ugandans because the Bible tells them to Stone them.

The Christians, all over the world, this is my prayer. That you will join hands to negotiate and open the eyes of Ugandan Christians. They believe that this is a chance for them to show the world how Ugandans can lead. Fact. That was what Bahati, Ssempa, Nsaba-Buturo, the master minds of this genocidal bill believe. Death and life imprisonment for any homosexual. In the name of the 'traditional family,' and Christian values.

So, Christian, are your values the same, or not? Will you keep quiet? I challenge you, in the name of Christ. Speak up, or never again hold your head up as a Christian. You wont deserve because you are simply not Christ like!

Sorry. I refuse to parse words. To moderate them. It is my life's worth if YOU dont speak out. They can hear you. Me, am a sinner whose every complaint does not deserve to be heard.

Sylvia Tamale's legal opinion gets more play. The lady is a firebrand.... And she leads from the heart. Good for you lady!

Over in Kenya, the debate is very different. A Gay Census, when homosexuality is illegal? So, is it stand up and be counted and then go to jail? Well, well, well... I will leave that to my neighbours to the east. If that was to happen in Uganda, the sum total of Gay Ugandans would be ZERO...! ha ha ha. You know why. I bet Bahati would take that as proof that his bill has worked...

Truth Wins Out comes out with a call that would label me unpatriotic for highlighting it here. But, for you hypocrite who dares to label me unUgandan, and unAfrican, dare tell me what I owe to a country whose legislature plans to kill me. What do I owe them? My love for my country does not include a love of suicide. Sorry. I dont parse my words. No longer.

Do you think the support outside is resonating in Uganda?

No, it isnt. Rather, some people have their backs up. In addition to the facebook group that is fighting the bill, there is another one. This one is saying that they are Ugandans, and they do support the Bill. Reading through their commentary is something nauseating. But, you have to understand where we are. Where we gay Ugandans are coming from. The Facebook group. 

Yes, the comments are nauseus. The bill, according to many, is really overdue! Death, castration, and all other things for the gay Ugandan. God help us. It is not nice to be vindicated. Hatred and pus is not a pretty picture. Fact.

And, there is this gentleman who takes on Buturo and Bahati. They are more dangerous than gay Ugandans. Read it, it is really long! Or, should I say 'lawyerly'!!!!!

And, I have joined the group of Ugandans that hate gays. Serious. I have joined them. Very likely to elicit more hatred... But, why should I hide the hate that spills from some very good Christian souls and my country mates?

Dont have any reason to hide our dirty laundry. None at all, dear Ugandan.

No, I will not curse my mother land, but, I might come periliously close to....!


PS. It is okay for the persecuted to ask in bewilderement, "But Why?"

Why all the hate, why the belief that I am bad, evil, only good for the grave? Why do people that I look to actually come out to condemn me with such venom? How come I am so bad?

No. I cant believe in my badness. Sorry, I went through that, and I will defend my self. But, it is good to find a bit of peace for my questioning, bewildered mind. Read this. It might explain a little, put in some academic terms the fact of gay hate in Uganda.... It soothes me. A little. At least I can begin to understand. And fight back, more effectively. Maybe.


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check this out:

There is solidarity in Switzerland. We will manifest our solidarity with you on Tuesday in front of the Embassy of Uganda. More information: (german language).

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