Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why Does Ssempa lie?

I ask the question because Ssempa is a liar. And he continues to lie, very consistently and specifically. For a ‘man of God’, there seems no need for him to take anything but a principled stand. He just has to do that. But, why doesn’t he? Why does he have to resort to the lies?

Well, a radio got him, and put him on. They wanted to have him debate the Bahati Bill. Premier Radio, a Christian radio in UK.

You can listen to the guy here. Warren Throckmorton was the other point of view.

Ssempa has a clear, strong voice. And he knows how to use it. You can feel the heat with which he speaks. And, you can also feel the shock in one of the presenters voice at the ‘intemperance’ of words.
He calls homosexuals all sorts of things. Something which the presenter has to kind of apologize for. Well, he is a cultured man. He will not spit on your radio. Only on those in Uganda, and on TV while he is expressing his distaste for homosexuality!

No, they were spared spitting.
But little else. His strong, clear voice. His calling gay people all kinds of names, and wielding the Bible as a hammer, to hammer, and hammer, and hammer. And his selective acquitance with the scripture.

It is interesting when a professional churchman quotes the scripture to spew hate, and the presenter has to kind of bring back the focus to something that is less like hate. More like debate. A different point of view.

Hey guys, listening to this, I say, welcome to our world of gay bashing. That is how they do it in Uganda. That is what I as a gay man have had to endure for years and years. I know, you will be shocked at the different meanings that we have for the word ‘Christian’. And of course, the fact that us Ugandan Christians are the real, biblical Christians. Not the ones that are in the west.

Warren, I would love to hear in confidence how you felt as you heard the guy speak….. ha! I am used to him. If that is the first time that you got to hear him speak, … well, were you kinda overwhelmed by the fervency of some of us Christians in Uganda?

Matter of fact, I could actually make common cause with those who say that the kind of Christianity that Ssempa represents is something that would be anathema to Christ. But, I am not the one to say such things.

But why does Ssempa have to lie? He doesn’t have to.

He is a politician, you have to take a ‘truth-o-meter’ to him.

  • He justifies the death penalty because of ‘protecting the boy child’.
    This is a very, very ironical thing. The laws which were championed by women activisits in Uganda to bridge the gap that was, and is still there between men and women are being used by Ssempa to justify the monstrocity that he proposes. And he supports in full. It is like saying, (pardon me, I know this is touchy material), that a law is made against discrimination of the white male in America.

  • He then says the whole bill is towards this.
    Fact, there is only one line in the bill that talks about under age sex. For Ssempa, who I take to be a person who can read the English, even when not a lawyer, to use that single line to justify everything else is lies. He doesn’t have to. I have reason to believe he actually sent Warren a copy of the bill as it was presented to parliament.

  • The bill, very very clearly demands the death penalty for sex with a minor, and for
    • Sex with a disabled companion, with or without consent
    • Gay sex if I am HIV positive.
    • As a serial offender. Which means, if I have one prior conviction for gay sex.

  • He blames us for sex in schools. Gay sex in schools. As if there is no ‘straight sex’ in schools. The idea is to create the atmosphere that there is a whole cabal and force out there that is forcing schools to go onto a homosexual rampage.

  • He blames the west for the Homosexual Agenda, and recruitment. Gosh! He doesn’t have to… except that he betrays his embrace of Scott Lively’s teaching.

  • Oh, have I mentioned that gay people are blamed for HIV? And this from a 'noted' HIV activist????
Kind of lies and half truths that are totally unnecessary from a fairly well read man. So, why does he do it? 

He will not talk about the mandantory life imprisonment. That is besides the point of course. He will not talk about the virtual ban on all information on sexuality that is not approved by the Minister of Ethics and Integrity, (currently the honoured Nsaba Buturo). When it comes to the sticky point as to why him as a pastor and Christian leader is so ‘unChristian’ and forgets things like Compassion….

Well, that is vintage Ssempa!

It is kind of funny to hear him crow like this. He does that. I bet Rick Warren would run faster, and faster…! Ssempa sells only himself. Just so!



Leonard said...

The man is obsessed with SEX...mostly male on male (but I´m certain there is something brewing beyond that)...the man is also a bigmouth and likes to brag about his life bedding the ladies (Orombi likes to remind us he chased lots of ¨skirts¨)...these dangerous dorks are simply over their head with terror of the reality that people like you and I actually have loved ones of the same sex that we have SEX with...perhaps it´s because they are insecure and boastful they are afraid, but, I´d put more my money of ¨outside money¨ and international prestige turning their vulnerable oversized heads...I listened to the vehement performance on BBC...words almost escaped everyone at the degree of his near insanity...when watching Orombi tapes I see a very talented man who has the ability to be a great leader...unfortunately, until he stopes acting like a vulture he´s simply playing to a audience that believes more in fear of death than Gods gift of a life with unlimited opportunities to be of service to OUR fellow human beings...Orombi and Seempa are defending themselves, they DEMAND that we HONOR THEIR VILE HATRED TOWARD LGBT CHRISTIANS/others... at this moment they are both incapable of facing the reality of their deep seeded fears which turns into being criminals who endorse persecution, discrimination and evil bigotry.

Anonymous said...

I have read your posts and i do agree that the anti Homosezuality Bill, as suggested by Dr Tamale has many faults. My only problem is that any objection to homosexuality is considered as hatred? Why hatred? Can't someone surely disagree without being called a hater? I feel this is unfair to them. Let there be room for disagreement true but I do not think calling people vile, haters, etc will help this debate. The issue of homosexuality is clealry controversial. Many people abhor the practice and do not consider it natural or healthy. Period. At the same time, others have no problem with it. Some practice it and think it is OK, human and healthy. With or without the law, i do not think the debate is helped any way by called people haters, vile, etc. I read Dr. Tamale's article i do not remember her mentioning those words. Neither do i recall reading that those who oppose the practice are homophobic! When we consider Ssempa's views, i dont think they are lies. Lies are what you say, well knowing that is not true. Has it been proved that Sempa knows what you know and therefore he is blantantly telling a lie? i dont think his view has anything to do with his clear voice. It could be suggested that if he had a poor voice then he would be criticised like Rurangaranga or Bahati. I think this is being too simplistic in our reporting Lets loo at the issues and respond point for point. If Ssempa misinterpreted the Bill, state so and lets move on. In my view, if your responded to Ssempa, point-by-point, you would probably be appreciated least by myself. I thank you

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