Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kind of a wrap up

The international media has caught on. Maybe even the one in Uganda.

The most important part of the story is the International connection. No. The Uganda-America connection. Remember why the Pres commented that European Homosexuals were recruiting? I wondered why he singled out Europeans.

Now, maybe I should not have wandered.

Ok, officially, you all have to know that, going into politics is kind of dangerous for a Ugandan. So, I will not be very very open on such things. I live, work and am in Uganda. Have to be a little less brave, to continue drawing breath. And, I do want to do that.

But, I can report what is being reported....!

The conspiracy theory that I thought was? No. It was no conspiracy theory. And, it has actually spilt over into the media in Uganda. The Observer printed this story on its front page.

'Museveni, Bahati named in US 'Cult'.'

Sometimes, brazen outing like this IS the protection. So, maybe they did it right... I bet the Independent and the Daily Monitor will soon be on it. Dont expect a peep out of New Vision.

In the American blogosphere, it has just become more electric. Check out the Box Turtle Bulletin here. The story is not only Uganda. It is much bigger than this poor, Central African Country! And, check out Warren Throckmorton. And some others. I guess life got a bit more interesting than it was for a long while...!

Of countries, did I note that Canada joined the US, and UK? Good for them.

And then, of course the Stephen Lewis speech. Which serves to put the issue on the agenda of the Commonwealth. However peripherally.

World AIDS Day, December 1st is actually near. It is Tuesday next week. What better time to highlight the fact that the Bahati bill is an HIV spreading bill. Ssempa says otherwise, but, I am not sure whether he read for the MPH which he is supposed to have. Here are some articles on it. From Human Rights Watch. The Commonwealth itself.

Christians of every colour are continuing to express outrage at the bill.

True. And, to any Christian who says otherwise, my simple question is, have you read the Bill? Because it is not simple to just say it is the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, and then you stop there. Read it, and, find how much support you have for it. Otherwise, you will reconsider how Christian you are. Here is the bill again.

Changing Attitude is working on changing the attitude of Canterbury. The Episcopal Church is speaking out, Bishop by outraged Bishop. And, Christians who dont support gay 'life style' as they call it, are also coming up with a position against the bill. Here is another one outraged.

So, where does it all take us?

Outrage and disbelief outside the country. Inside the country, even Christian Bishops are thinking like they are gods. I am serious.
The Church of Uganda officially said it is studying the bill. What is happening on the ground is much different. In Churches, the good reverends are whipping up homophobia. They are preaching hate sermons. Very much like this one, from the Bishop of Karamoja. I am not joking. I have heard it from people who listened to the sermons.

So, a state of homophobia, being whipped up. A genocidal bill in parliament.

ugh... ! I will think positive thoughts


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