Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wanted add in the Monitor Online today

I hadnt seen this, and someone pointed it out to me.

Cant believe it.

But here it is


Two homosexuals, Namutebi Ruth and Hilda are wanted by the police, anyone who sees them and has
information leading to their arrest should report to the nearest police station for the safety of our
country. A big reward waits.

It is on Monitor online. Right hand column, at the bottom of the page. Under 'Sponsored links'


Anonymous said...

I mourn for this country, but why I don't know, wanted ads for gays, but none for murderers. But I know, the perpetrators of this final solution have their mug shots pinned on the alleyways in heaven, the saints will frown on them, and they will join lucifer as comrades and will share in the agony of the furnace that awaits them.
true ugandan

Leonard said...

It really is a merry-go-round of rumors that become lies that become false teachings that become promoted hysterical over reactions and yet foster more corruption (who will pay their way out of a false accusation next?)...oh, I don´t know, it looks from the PHOTO like several of those MP´s praying their wits out at the Hotel Prayerathon with the ¨Americano¨ preacher from Atlanta are Lesbians and Gay men and certainly might be bigots and thieves...ouch, what lengths are these dressed up criminals willing to go to while trying to convince themselves and US that THEY are all right and righteous too? No need to worry about corruption in politics when these folks dodge the REAL WORK of peace, prosperity and integrity in Uganda!

Anonymous said...


A link to those that stand with you in solidarity on facebook.

gayuganda said...

Yeah, I have been there.

Exhausting, isnt it??? all that hate shown!

gayuganda said...

Oh, very, very sorry...!

The link is to the support group. I was at the 'We are Ugandans and dont love Gay' and had an exhausting time!!!!

Leonard said...

The ¨haters¨ we´re/are getting creamed by the ¨includers¨...really, you could change the location and it would read like U.S. bigots vs. progressives...it´s the same mentality from the ¨haters¨...they´ve really don´t have much to explain themselves with...Adam and Steve and that´s about it...it kind of tickles me to see the depth of stupidity that some machos will go to NOT BE A FRIEND OF GAY (you´d think someone was after them rather than a inside job).

AfroGay said...


I think this might be a "planted" ad. I wouldn't be surprised if, ahem, Namutebi is living outside of Uganda and has had that ad planted for purposes that are of far greater consequence to where she lives than that ad suggests.

I have been preparing something on 'asylum' tactics but I am not sure whether it is a good idea to post it as it would be giving away too much information to prying eyes.

gayuganda said...

I dont know.

In any case, why would Monitor run it? Have any connection there to ask???

Its odd. Very odd. New vision would run it. Monitor?? Why, why? Red rug, yes, of course...

spiralx said...

It does seem 'odd'. Almost a spoof ad, I'd say, if the current circumstances weren't so critical.

Princess said...

Eh! Banange!

Yes, that is the best I can come up with for now.

AfroGay said...

I have dug around a bit and I think this is indeed planted by someone hoping to gain from it ... and that is not the Monitor although they have already gained by being paid for it. I must be careful not to say too much but look at this way:

In order to claim asylum, you have to show that you are personally at risk. It is not enough to say that Uganda is homophobic and so you are at risk. There has to be evidence that you are personally being hunted or have been personally persecuted.

Finally, the Monitor doesn't have to litmus test the legitimacy of an ad in order to post it. All they want is to be paid and they will post whatever you give them.

gayuganda said...

Yeah, but, far as I know, for one to post an ad like that, you also have to have a police letter of a crime. Think that is the procedure, though must admit am not sure....

Well, in Uganda, the police letter only costs 'money' if you know what I mean....

Kind of feeling down that it was the monitor, and not red rug or NV....!


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