Thursday, November 26, 2009

Some Pics

Of friends in the US who protested the bill.

Thanks brothers and sisters. You mean more to me than those who are ready to kill me.

(Shhh, the price of supporting me is kind of high. One guy, an Anglican who felt impressed enough to be on my side, was supporting gay Ugandans in a debate amongst friends. And, one of the friends threatened to report him to police.
True. That is the story as it was told to me. And, I trust the source. It is the guy who wrote this post that i put here.)

So, my thanks for friends who can and do dare speak out on MY behalf. Thanks, and again, thanks.

The pics are from HRC website.

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Anonymous said...

i dnt supprt being gay JESUS loves u and that is why he died on the crosss for u u can repent of that evil and be set free by HIM.start a new life in HIM cz wat your doing is wrong even on the bible its an abomination..

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