Thursday, November 26, 2009

Not all Christians the same.

From the last post, you picked the outrage of some Christians.

But, here is the view of one of the Bishops of the Anglican Church in Uganda. It is not pretty. Not at all. But, sometimes it is best to know what the other side thinks.

He starts with a sermon. I am not too good at that. So, I pick up from where the sermon gets into practical applications. Here is the original article.

For Some Anglicans, Vices are now Virtues.

and, the conclusion;

Christianity indeed is under attack; attack from within herself and by her very own. Persecution of the church is on the loose. The powers and world forces of wickedness (Ephesians 6. 12) are now in real play.

Yes, laws if in place can help put on check any vice including this one. Like HIV which breads among others, in disco halls and night drinking sprees, which can be stopped or reduced by laws if put in place, like the wizard spirit which society and the Gospel of Christ shunned, the vice of homosexuality through the necessary laws in place can be checked. We must keep it away from our children. Our ancestors didn’t know it, we do not know it, our children must not know it.

Our children are ignorant of the vice; but gays and their sympathizers want to appeal to their psyche, to their consciousness that they be infected too. They are spreading it in our institutions of learning. They want to condition every penny that comes to our government or churches or Non-Government Organizations. If you are dinning with such evil plan, come out of it; the Province of the Church of Uganda, as you know, is leading the way, let’s join the way. Homosexuality is infectious, it is a disease in the West and not so much in Africa and that is why they want to influence any agenda in order to entrench it. If it is inborn as they say, then it is transmitted and conceived in the mind, that it actualizes itself in one. Africans who have it have contracted it from the West or from acquainting with people who have it. Yes, it is infectious and it can be fought and defeated. It is a vice which has multiplied in the recent decades in the West; it can be fought and stopped.

Africa, run away from gays, let us save our continent by refuting the vice; practice, and preserve our heritage, that is our traditions and culture believing and trusting in the Almighty God. “”Rise and shine for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you”” (Isaiah 60 : 1). Gayism can be fought like any other disease against the people and the Word of God. It is a sickness so we can fight and defeat it. One of the ways to fight it should be by prevention of its spread, by putting laws in place, preach the Word and pray to God to heal and orient those disoriented; there is need for a commandment(s) to enforce. Christ is the answer, feelings or sympathies, especially on evil, are not! Ugandan Parliament, the watch dog of our laws, please go ahead and put the anti- Gay laws in place. It is then that we become truly accountable to our young and to this country, not to Canada or England. We are in charge! We have our entrenched birthrights, Ugandans should not accept to sell or mortgage these God given birthrights.

Bishop Joseph Abura of Karamoja Diocese, Province of the Anglican Church of Uganda.

I know lots of friends who will not be happy about this. But, take it as a challenge. You, as Christians, have to make such a person understand a little more about humanity, and Christ, and other things...! Take it as a challenge!

Is this the official view of the Church of Uganda? No. They are still studying the Bill. This is the view of the Bishop of the Province of Karamoja, Anglican.

But, here is one other Christian group, a Church, that has come out unequivocally against the bill.

The United Reformed Church (URC) has become the first major Christian denomination in the UK to issue a statement condemning Uganda’s proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

In a press release today the Church said that its commitment to justice and equality meant it was ‘appalled’ at the ‘draconian measures’ proposed by Bill.

The URC passed an anti-homophobia resolution at its 1999 General Assembly saying that the: “Assembly condemns violence against homosexual people and urges all members of the United Reformed Church to be vocal in their opposition of homophobia.”

Homophobia was defined as “intense hatred or fear of homosexuals or homosexuality.”

Simon Loveitt, the URC’s spokesperson on public issues said: “This draft legislation represents a clear infringement of human rights and is morally repugnant. It also infringes the African principles of ubuntu and we add our voice to the many calling for the immediate withdrawal of this discriminatory Bill.”

Ubuntu is the African concept ‘that my humanity can only be expressed through the humanity of others’

Why Christians? Isnt it becoming a circus? Well, I am caught in the middle. Clearly, the two sides of the debate, as shown above, dont see the same person when they see a gay Ugandan. One sees an appalling threat. Another sees a human being.

God in Heaven!


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