Friday, November 27, 2009

Appeasing the Un-Appeasable.

You know, reading through the anti-homosexual bill, and hearing some of the statements that are made by well meaning friends of Uganda about working with the homophobes here, I kind of wonder whether this policy really ever works.

I mean, a bully is a bully. Try to appease him or her in anyway, and they just grow stronger.

Take the schism of the Anglican Church. The Episcopal Church in America has been making a stand on the humanity of gay people, of gay Christians. And, the 'fundamentalists' those who follow 'biblical' Christianity have been on the offensive, accusing the others of being less than Christian. They have made such a lot of fuss that the Church of England has been bending over backwards, trying to accomodate what the fundamentalists believe is what is right. Trying to shut out their shouts of what is conscionable.

Now, here comes the Anti-Homosexual Bill in Uganda.

To think that it is only about Uganda is to miss the bigger picture. No. I am not talking about the American right, and the influence of the 'Family'.
I am thinking of yet another time when the Church is leaning over backwards, not daring to stand on its stated principles, when a blatantly genocidal bill is set on the table.

Reason does not work. No. It does not. I listened on as Sylvia Tamale savaged the Bill. But, that logic didnt matter. Her speech is here. All the weight of her reasoning, the fact that she was a lawyer explaining the law to an accountant, this didnt matter.

So, what does it mean?

Do the Americans and British Anglicans really think they have much in common with the Anglicans of Uganda who are going around supporting this bill in the name of 'Biblical Christianity'? Do you really think that you are still in the wrong, and the Africans, because they are many, are right? What commonalities do you have with the Bishop of Karamoja, diocese of the Church of Uganda, who wrote this blatantly ignorant and hate filled sermon?

Where will the appeasement, the bending over, the effort to be 'politically correct' end?

When will you stand up to your principles?

See, being liberal, seeing the other point of view can be a huge pain, especially when you dont have the guts to stand up to what is right in your point of view.

NB; The writer of this post is, (1) a Ugandan (2) Not Christian (3)African. And, more importantly (4) is gay.
So, of course I am biased.
I hope that does not act like a huge log in your saintly eyes.




as to the countries, well- the US, Britain, France, Canada, they have all come out with negative positions on the bill. Of course this has been because of the agitation of their people.

But, think of the Commonwealth. On what principles does it stand?

I am no politician. Am too much of a maverick (ha ha ha!) to be constrained by the desires and aspirations of the masses. So, maybe I dont know what real politik is. But, I know sense when I see it. And, I recognise why we humans truly yearn for that leader who will lead us with the common sense and unity that even our fragmented sense of common sense recognises as truthful.

But, I am talking of an angel, not a human being...

So, we shall take the countries out of the equation.

But, not the church. No. Definitely not those who tout their moral leadership. STAND UP AND BE COUNTED. IT IS TIME. SPEAK YOUR MIND, TRULY.


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Leonard said...

My Dear Gug, I think I may be losing my´s been months (or maybe years) since we´ve been documenting the ridiculous, yet murderous, and obscene antics of some of the clergy and politicians in Uganda...I notice that your efforts are gaining attention most everywhere I look...I think you´re doing a FINE JOB and always have been doing a FINE JOB of getting word out there and staying on top of a very difficult situation...I even feel as if I´m Ugandan after all the groundwork on what we´re up against in´ve done good my little brother...breath in, breath out...I realize there is more to come but all that can be done is being done...we´ll see what comes of the principal heavyweights at the Anglican Communion that I resent greatly is The Archbishop of York, he, as a Idi Amin refugee, ought be speaking strongly against this kind of despotic legislation at your Parliament...but no, he has other matters to attend to...he and Bishop Orombi are quiet the pair...they give ¨sin of omission¨ HUGE new meaning.

I better go to bed, it´s late and I´m getting cranky (again). Best to you and your dear one,
Leonardo Ricardo

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