Wednesday, November 4, 2009


(Written offline)

I am not able to get onto the net today. Not as yet anyway. Little problem of satisfying my internet provider.

Yes, it doesn’t matter that I am in a third world country, paying exhorbitantly for internet connection that is no better than the ‘old’ telephone line. That is all we have in Uganda. I know that we are supposed to be connected to the internet backbone and have a sea cable in place for the last three, four months. I have seen no such improvement in ‘my’ internet speed. Matter of fact, it has been slower. And more erratic.

Big advantage of being off the net, the current obsession with what is happening all over the world with the Bahati Bill is not going to intrude onto my day. Sigh!!

But, I already miss checking my mail. Am an internet addict. And, I should treasure the times when I cannot log on, for one reason or another. I don’t!

Beautiful day.
Don’t know whether it is the sudden impossibility of immersing myself in cyber, but I am looking out, and see beauty.
Sun is up and out. Not too hot, not too mild, just the most ‘right’ temperature, if you will forgive my language. Feels on the skin like we are at one, me and the outside. A microcosm of perfect intimacy.
Leaves on the trees are full, turgid. It has been raining for a few days now. Not the lashing, heavy thunderstorms, but, the fuller, longer lasting dew drops which take a bit longer to shake off, and, fill and sustain the ground. The plants are running riot. Yes, the fence, which was in danger of dying out in the dry season, it is running riot again. And, it is still. Very still.

From where I am, I can hear birds, bird song. Far and near, not angry, but the usual conversation of the members of the different species that are my neighbours. The whirr of a refrigerator. No need for airconditioning. No.

Peace. Calm.

Yeah, Uganda is beautiful.

But, it is the beauty of a rose. Thorns and bloom. I love this little, imperfect country. It is home, so that is no surprise.

Now, I will put down this. Maybe I will add onto it later. But for now, I will do a bit of work. Yeah, I do have to eat, provide for family. Not the traditional family that I am supposed to be a threat to its very existence. My family. My loved one. Loved ones.


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