Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ssempa !

No, he is fine.

He will be in Spain, at a Pro-Life Conference, in Zaragoza Spain . No, he is only anti-life when the person is a homosexual. For others, he is pro-life. And a revered speaker and activist.

Rick Warren kind of got fed up with him. And, the people at Exodus International are wondering about his credentials as a Christian Pastor.... Seems they do not believe in protection of the 'boy child'....

Sylvia Tamale weighs in on the 'anti-homosexual bill'. Dont know whether this hurts or helps...(Grin), she is a known homosexual sympathiser in Uganda. Granted, she is also the Dean of the Faculty of Law at Makerere, and she is outspoken on other issues. But, the one which makes her, errr, infamous, in Uganda is the defence of gay issues. The lady is fire....!!!!!!

And I?

Looking around again. Yesterday, this morning it rained. Day has been cool to cold, and beautiful, all the way. The mud, the cars of the city, the clear air,...
Ok, I have been walking the city streets. I must admit I love doing that. The streets in Kampala are full of people. Mainly young men. Eye candy, eye candy,  eye candy!!!!!

Well, it is a break from following the Bahati Bill, isnt it?



Anonymous said...

ssempa is so right....we r behind him in this!

gayuganda said...

Good for you, Anon!!!!


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