Thursday, November 19, 2009

Recruiting Homophobes

I dont think the case for 'recruiting homosexuals' in Africa is proven. Yes, despite our Dear Leaders blaming of 'European homosexuals'

I think that is our perenial xenophobia manifest.

But, I think there is a very good case for the export of homophobia. Recruiting Homophobes. Will you forgive me if I strongly hint that it is Christian American homophobes who are recruiting in Africa?

The idea is not mine. No, it is not original. Actually, I lifted it from here. Reality Check; Globalizing the Culture Wars. Some excerpts. But, the whole article is worth studying. Not reading. Studying.

I want no place in some other place's cultural wars. But, I think I may have no choice. Here are some choice quotes.

"according to “Globalizing the Culture Wars”, a new report produced by Political Research Associates and released today, laws like the one in Uganda can be seen as the direct result of a campaign by United States neoconservative religious groups to use Africa as another player in the culture wars they have fomented on American soil for many years.

After a rigorous 16-month research and on-the-ground investigative period, Zambian Anglican priest Kapya Kaoma, author of the PRA report, found that U.S. conservatives are working in collusion with African clerics (specifically, the report focuses on Uganda, Nigeria and Kenya.), in three denominations (The Episcopal Church, The United Methodist Church and The Presbyterian Church), to counter any progress mainline U.S. churches are working towards, around LGBT issues as well as to foment homophobia on the ground in Africa."

"According to the report, American conservatives, by involving African clerics in these three countries, have managed to almost completely halt recognition by these churches of the full equality of LGBT individuals in the U.S. including the ordination of LGBT clergy. But, of course, this crusade by U.S. conservatives is having even more dire consequences on African soil, leading to a growing and increasingly violent homophobia throughout Uganda, Nigeria and Kenya; violence that is typified in the Ugandan bill before Parliament.

Read on.

I mean, seems as if we have a more than credible theory of our own to counter 'foreign recruiting homosexuals', the one which is being promoted by Scott Lively.

By the way, this benovelent Christian, who did the introduction of the idea that us homosexuals in Uganda were fronting for homosexuals in other countries to 'recruit' (He does have a publication called 'Recruit proofing your child' or something like that!)
He has some very sage advice on the 'liberalisation' of the Sodomy law. Well, this is part of the advice that he gave to Ugandan parliamentarians. Which has translated into the Bahati Bill

"But Scott Lively, president of Abiding Truth Ministries and a speaker at an ex-gay conference in Uganda last March, said he’s not completely opposed to criminalizing homosexuality. He said that he advised Ugandans to liberalize the law, add the option of treatment, and “make the law more palatable to the international community.” But he adds that he believes Uganda should maintain its law against homosexuality “and that they should use that as a way to basically say, ‘No, you’re not going to be able to promote this behavior because it’s illegal behavior.’

How benevolent indeed!

Sigh!!!!!!!! Now, I must make sure that I survive the genocide in the making......


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Leonard said...

It has most ALL come from The U.S. Religious Nutbags (especially the handful that have big money and big emotional/spiritual problems of their own...sickos all and they ARE contagious)´s not working, nope, Obombi and the rest of the sucked up blowhards are not going to be able to pull this off in the long term...I hate to think about the possibilities for ¨innocents¨ in the meantime but it´s really quite easy to note that Scott Deadly (btw, he is always graspiing for money) and his pack of ill-centered misfits are going to run themselves into the ground, self-destruct in their hate or simply BECOME the outcasts that they dread and persecute.

Yesterday, I couldn´t click on the link to the ¨witch burnings¨ in Uganda. I saw a video of one in Kenya and it still echos in my point is that these, American Puritanish damaged souls are pouring gasoline on their feared enemies (that would be us), lighting a match and then joyously watching the see, they have just fed the flames of their sexual´s addictive and fatal to them (and their victims) I wish it was about CHURCH, but it ain´´s about stomping out their worst fears...those fears that they won´t deal with and won´t go away (of course the greedsters/blowhards like Scott Deadly and Hank Orombi are linked emotionally...Orombi is a smart man, let´s hope he has a moment of ¨clarity¨ about this ¨skirt chasing¨ and ¨witch hunting¨ can hope he´s not too obsessed to look from side to side because if it weren´t for the REAL DANGER he would be viewed as a CIRCUS JOKE).

Pray, or wish for, or whatever you want, for SANITY! These folks don´t stand up to the light very well and ¨mob violence¨ will wear out...then, they will ALL run for cover...cowards to the core.

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