Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rambling thoughts

If Christians do take up this bill with the fervour that it is due, I will cease to think so badly of Christianity.
I am afraid, for me, Roman Catholicism is lost. It is not in my nature to be taught what to think. I resent that. Too independent…

But, when a person, a Christian, especially one who is not part of the ‘homosexual agenda’ takes up this.... Well, I stop to listen. Because it is something that makes me believe that the essential ideals of Christianity are truly good.

Not like Rick Warren did. Dissociating himself from Ssempa. That is what a politician is. And, hopefully, a Christian is not at heart a politician. Criticism from an unbeliever! Though, I can of tend to think Warren was a bit embarrassed, as was Ssempa, at how abruptly that relationship ended. Well, that is politics…!

But, not to be distracted, here are some fighting words. Quoted here, with similar nuances, and written here.

"Let me make this clear:
I don’t care how conservative your theological belief system is, killing people or imprisoning them for being gay or lesbian is wrong and should never, ever happen.
Notwithstanding, according to the bill, I, as a straight person, would also be imprisoned if I don’t turn in gays and lesbians to the Ugandan government.
....Please spread the word. No Christian (or person in general) should ever let this happen on our watch."

As for governments criticizing the bill.

Governments are supposed to be servants of the people. Yeah, democracy is great, isn’t it? Except in backwaters like Uganda where it is being used to legally kill a minority. I had forgotten…. Same thing happened in Rwanda. And in Nazi Germany.

Our backwater is not that isolated! At least not in ideaology.

Canada, the government, seems to have joined the US, France, Britain. The Anglican Church of Canada didn’t mince words, demanding that their Ugandan brothers condemn the bill. When they were amongst the most vociferous supporters, before pressure made them become ‘voiceless.’

It has become an issue at the CHOGM meeting. Museveni is chairing the meet. And, Stephen Lewis took umbrage at that. It was taken up by the media. Of course.

Human Rights groups?

They are loud. They are frank. And, they are fearless. Unfortunately, they cry wolf so much that they are not listened too that much. But, they are listened to…!

Now, like any good citizen, I dont think good of the thinking capacity of 'government'. But, one has to pose and wonder, how did this coalition of consensus come to come about?

Ssempa will say, and believe, that it is because of the 'Homosexual Agenda' They are big. They are strong. They are mighty. Let us stamp them out from Uganda.
But, I will beg to differ. I cannot lie to myself about the extent of my strengths. Even enemies like Ssempa say that to rally the unthinking troops.

Why have we been able to?

Because the Bill, the Bahati, Anti-Homosexuality Bill itself is such a monstrosity that no person who reads it will stop themselves from a righteous anger.

Funny, but our strongest recruiting factor is the Bill. Have you read it? Here! No. It is not good reading. So, brace yourself. But, you will find lots of good, Christian, moral intentions.



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