Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Lovely Sunday Morning here...

The day is very beautiful. Very, very beautiful.

A day of soft summer or spring. Sun soft, bright, golden. Light is everywhere, lightening the heart, lifting the soul.
It is Sunday. And, a very beautiful Sunday.

Had a great night out. Came back really drunk. Well, my love was with me, and, he made sure that I came back in one piece. Suprisingly, not much of a hangover.
Midmorning, and I have been under a tree, looking out, fascinated at the beauty of a day of spring. A day of sun and light and quiet.

Wrote down a few lines. There is so much pain and pus, corruption in the world, that I will consciously shun it. Because, there is so much beauty that the pus can obstruct my view, cloud my perception.

Reading Wilfred Owen. Fragment of verse, ‘I saw his round mouth’s crimson deepen….’ I like his poetry. The life that he put in his verse. The sense of search, the sense of a man caught up in things that he had to live. He had to bear. But, he didn’t glorify the impossible. Just penned it down with his emotion leaking. Freezing a tiny sliver of time in immemorable words. Striking.

Back to life here.

The Anglican church in Canada have written to their brothers and sisters in Uganda, demanding that they do not support the Anti-Homosexual bill. Demanding.
The tone was taken up by a communiqué from the Episcopal church. Here. I don’t know the hierarchy, of the two organizations. But, I know that I have been working towards such a thing.

I am a gay Ugandan, caught in the midst of a storm that I am trying to understand. I am trying to fight, to do something worth my skin. Because, I have to. I try what I can, I stumble, of course. I am in a poor, third world country, with only a few resources. But those resources I can use, with friends out there.

I know, when I cry in the pain of my fear, some laugh. They cant understand me. I stood in the middle of the debate and listened to some very hateful statements. Good Christian people were saying them. And, I couldn’t point out that they were less than Christian.

I cant. Because I am gay. And I am not Christian.

But, I can ask their brothers and sisters to check them. And, they are doing so.

What amuses me is the fact that they are not taking the ‘diplomatic’ way. Not this time. They are actually demanding, unequivocal, and direct. They demand that the Church of Uganda, Anglican, comes out and OPPOSE the bill. No two ways about it. Because the bill IS NOT Christian. And they are.

Kuddos to them.

Does two things for me. Takes back the moral high ground from the Church of Uganda. They are doing the non-Christian thing. The uncharitable thing. Despite them being the Champions of Biblical Christianity, as they have accused their current accusers of appostosizing.

And, because their demand is so clear, unequivocal, it puts pressure on the Church of Uganda.

And, it puts pressure on the others who are silent. Leornado has a good post on those who say they must stay silent. The pressure is growing, because, how can you be the person who passes by the traveler who fell amongst robbers? You look on him and, decide, for a reason or another, that you cannot do anything? Who will be the Good Samaritan?

By the way, another deafening silence is coming from the Catholic Church. Uh! Anyone out there to help put some pressure on Gay Catholics? No, I am not joking. The Catholic Church, in and out of Uganda, has the ability to affect what happens to this bill. And, it is within their twisted thinking that I am not to be killed or imprisoned. Tell these guys to say something. Of course, if it is negative, I will burn them up. In cyber.

I know. We are all human beings.

I don’t make the ideals. I pick and choose those which I live by. But, I do realize that I can use them to make others act.
So, I am not Christian. No. I am not. But, what is to stop me from asking Christians to live up to their ideals? What is to stop me from asking Christians to stop persecuting me… in the name of Christ?

Some may not listen. I hope, a few, enough will listen.

And, let me end with a very Christian article from the Rev. Gideon B Byamugisha. He is not afraid of being called a trisexual. And, he defends the diversity of Ugandans. In Uganda.

An excerpt

Continued destruction
We cannot argue also that we are striving to protect our traditional family and community values by choosing not to love but to destroy fellow citizens.

We have a right as Parliament and as citizens to debate on what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, ‘lawful’ or ‘unlawful’, ‘faithful’ and ‘unfaithful’, ‘sinful’ or ‘saintly’ ‘good’ or ‘bad’ ,‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’ in sex, sexuality, and sexual health or any other sector.
But to legislate against individuals because they choose to perform their sexual antics in a way that is different from my own thinking, appreciation, liking or even to traditions is stretching my ‘Godly’ values and morals.

Yes, the monitor has definitely joined the debate. And, is pro-gay. Those are the articles which were not getting published. They will listen, though not the likes of Ssempa. But, those who aren’t too hate incensed will listen, and wonder…!



Lynn David said...

The Catholic Church has a stated policy that homosexual behavior should NOT be criminalized ( - even if they say we have no rights). However, it is unfortunate that the Catholic Church is hoping to bring into it those Anglican parishes who are more fearful of homosexuality. Therefore the Church in Uganda (Archbishop Lwanga?) will likely never speak of this policy

gayuganda said...

Then we shall ask how 'Christian' that is!


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