Friday, November 6, 2009

Hypocrisy, Uganda style

Last night, we were in the living room. As usual.

We had had a fight. Well, life...! And we were not talking. So, I was more than usually interested in what was happening on the TV. Channel surfing. That seems to be a past time for me.
Stumbled across the program 'On the Spot' on NTV.

In the hot seat was the MP, I think the name is Mafaabi. He is chairman of the Public Accounts Committee of Uganda's Parliament. He is an opposition MP. Or, at least as far as they revealed, affiliated to them. And, the topic was corruption in Uganda.

Actually, corruption during CHOGM. You know, in 2007? Uganda held the Commonwealth Heads of Govt meeting. I blogged about it. Well, they stopped us from attending the 'People's Space'. Ssempa engineered that.

The Public Accounts Committee has been going into the dirt of what went around then. Billions misspent. Contracts made on short notice, with the express intention of stealing. Government ministers implicated. That is the usual story.

It is sad.

Yeah, we are so innured to this that we no longer think it interesting. So, the Vice President was implicated the other day, this week. It made headlines, and disappeared. Yes, he did.
So, yesterday, there was going to be another big revelation. One of the big ministers, the real kitchen cabinet, manouvred to cancel a contract that had been worn by a reputed company. It was then awarded to a company that was new, had no track record.
Well, the revelation was that the big minister, Kutesa, was a shareholder in the company, that had been hastily formed for that purpose.

That is not news in Uganda.

What was news was the fact that it was mentioned on camera in the PAC. What was more interesting was the disruption which followed the announcement. The honourable MPs went into a free for all shouting match. The Chairman of the committee had to adjourn the meeting.

And, on air, on the programme, the Chairman 'revealed' that the NRM Chief party whip, had actually held  a meeting earlier on and told his MPs that they were to disrupt the proceedings. The ruling party big whigs are being implicated. They are the ones who stole the billions, who continue to rape the country. And, the committee was frankly airing this.

The presenter was stunned. I was too. I mean, the very gal of it!

Yet, this is a country which has decided to lead the rest of Africa and the world to stump out the moral cancer of homosexuality!
I know, we gay Ugandans are the fall guys. We are the minority that will take the attention of the populace off the ills that bedevil the country. That is the unadultered, unvarnished fact. So, there is a moral crusade to 'wipe out gays from Uganda' And, corruption is not investigated.

I mean, such revelations would have led to resignations. In any country but Uganda. No. The VP is still the VP. And, Kuteesa is still a big minister. And the NSSF scandals barely touched the big minister concerned.

The president is supposed to be above the fray. Any criticism of him is subject to automatic censorship.

Yeah, that is Ugandan democracy. Ugandan leadership.

But no need to be unhappy about that. That is life as it is. The fact that we realise that something is wrong, we can of course try to put it right. Right now, besides ridding Uganda of homosexuals, (the law is before parliament) we are also going to rid Uganda of corruption.

Which venture is most likely to be successful?  You are allowed to place bets on that...!

Hey, the day is very beautiful. Green everywhere. I have written a poem about love, for the first time in a long while. Feel the juices stirring, and life flowing back into my hands.

Hope your day is good. Be good.


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Leonard said...

Thanks Gug,

I feel good too.

I realized this morning while making coffee that the World is filled with such hate and confusion and exploitation and fear-mongering that ALL the negative energy that is generated (for political/social or religious distraction or out of plain financial desperation or greed) is resulting in REAL human infections opening huge wounds! These wounds might someday HEAL if exposed one by one and treated hygenically!

All around us there are signs of vast corruption that dares to call itself such names as ¨moral¨ war on terror, on LGBT´s, or ¨orthodox¨ meaning different religious believing gone exclusive and narrowminded to the max...there is so much mad dog sickness raging around the World that the insanity is reaching epidemic proportions! Unchecked RABIDNESS is occuring in many cultures and societies. Of course the opposing forces are mudwrestling openly on Ugandan T.V. and beyond fighting it out because TRUTH is gaining on LIES.

I wonder if you noticed the mass-murder freakout yesterday in Texas (home State of the instigator of ghastily international immoral conduct, George W. Bush and his tainted self-righteous irresponsible cronnies)...people are still realing worldwide from trying to figure out that they MUST learn how to be HONORABLE, and GENEROUS TO OTHERS and LIVE and LOVE one another in their very own everyday lives and stop with the guilt/shame and blaming of everyone else to keep ¨covering¨ their true character.

This is not to say that we ought not keep exposing the James Buturos of Halocaust promoting ¨ethics¨ or attempt to stop the slippery Bishop Orombis and Akinolas who would thieve, outcast, demonize and jail many of their own sister and brother ¨believers¨ (and families and friends) at The Anglican Communion.

Striking out at others at the ¨well orchestrated massacre of Yelwa in Nigeria, or falsely accusing LGBT citizens with a Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009 in Uganda must be confronted. These ¨anti-social anti-human diversions¨suggest that many cornered human animals are NOT finding anywhere else to run when grossly CONFLICTED about the REALITY of right vs. wrong. Being ¨led¨ into cultural insanity by irresponsible men that ought not be LEADERS at ALL is also no longer permissible, these despots will ¨fall away.¨...true, it´s not over, and it will probably get vastly more ugly and bloody before a deadend is encountered and all can be sorted out by well-centered, emotionally and spiritually, leaders (like Archbishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama but we may have to take a ¨pass¨ on the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury).

Suddenly I feel FREE because I realize it´s clearly NOT about ME (I would guess it´s not about YOU either) and there is nothing for me personally to defend to bigots and dishonorable blokes (no matter the high office) anymore (I mean, I feel great relief when recognizing the disease isn´t inside of me)...really, for months (years?) we´ve been documenting part of the insanity/hate crimes (as directed against innocent LGBT people in Uganda and beyond) and quietly you´ve often noted that you´re simply a citizen wondering what all the fuss is about...guess what, as you point out so clearly, it´s NOT ABOUT US! Thank God!

No matter how the extremist religious folks attempt to DAMN US TO HELL, they simply can´t escape the TRUTH that the vileness is mostly about THEM and their lack of being able to monitor THEMSELVES! They speed by LGBT people like race cars on the way to a final destination of self-imposed selfseeking destination in a living HELL!

They are crashing and cracking up all around us!

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