Monday, November 30, 2009

Sunday Monitor

It made the Sunday Monitor. The supposed tiff between Brown and Museveni.

New Vision? No. that is not news for them. Debate encourages, promotes homosexuality. And, they are the government mouthpiece...!

British PM against anti-gay legislation

Emmanuel Gyezaho & Agencies


British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has joined the crusade against the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009 and is understood to have spoken to President Museveni on Friday, voicing his opposition against the proposed legislation.

Mr Brown met President Museveni at the Commonwealth Heads of Government conference in Trinidad and Tobago and reportedly made it clear to him that he is opposed to the new law that would impose life imprisonment to homosexuals in Uganda.

The Private Members Bill drawn up by Ndorwa West MP David Bahati also proposes the death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality”- defined in the proposed law as any sexual act between gays or lesbians in which one person has the HIV/Aids virus.

Major international news outlets reported yesterday that the matter caused a furore at the Commonwealth meet, with Uganda facing isolation.

“The country’s plans have caused a backlash from other Commonwealth nations and condemnation from gay rights groups who want Uganda thrown out of the Commonwealth unless they back down,” reported the UK’s Telegraph newspaper.

Awkward moment

“The clash was set to lead to an awkward moment, as Mr Brown was thought to be seated next to President Museveni at an official banquet last night [Friday],” reported the UK’s Daily Express yesterday.

Quoting a source at Mr Brown’s office, The Telegraph reported: “A Downing Street source said, ‘The Prime Minister did raise it and you can take it that he was not supportive of the idea.’”

Even before Mr Museveni made the trip to Trinidad, activists were urging the Commonwealth to suspend Uganda’s membership if the new law is passed.
Think it will faze Museveni? Not so, says Bahati. He is quite confident of that. Unconcerned, even. Nothing will stand in the march of the traditional family...

Mr Bahati told Sunday Monitor yesterday that he was certain President Museveni would be “unfazed” by the amount of international pressure piling against the Bill.

“We believe that homosexuality is not a common value for the commonwealth,” he said in a telephone interview. “There is no amount of pressure or intimidation that can deter us from defending our traditional family set up.”

These family guys are unbelievable. Thanks America.... For the Family!


Leonard said...

Thanks America.... For the Family! gug

Watch it. It takes a customer for the garbage...and it appears the scavengers have been more than willing to be paid to make the´s a two way street that THEY are walking down (more like a dark alley)...and I would hardly say they have been victimized...let´s keep our eye on the ball.


Anonymous said...

i dont support being gay that is why GOD created men for women and women for men t is soooooo wrong and GOD will punish u for is a trap for the devil to win you over to his camp

Dennis kinena said...

I feel shy and irritated when i think of the homosexuality. To me its like putting God to a test of why he created Man and Woman

Dennis K

Anonymous said...

all supporters(whites)are Satan we never had such in our innocent Africa

Anonymous said...

it defeats my understanding to see people of such high profiles busy concerned issues such as homosexual and the like, when humanity is under serious pain of poverty, disease and ignorance.Almighty God please intervene.

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