Monday, November 23, 2009

Denying the Facts

Have you read the bill?

Pertinent question, because, it comes as a shock when one reads it and sees the wide ranging provisions against the gay Ugandan.

But, it is more astounding that some people are going around denying what is in their bill. Ssempa, the guy who has admitted to being one of the major influences behind the bill is one of the people doing exactly that.

I call such a thing a lie. Yes, even when it is uttered by a pastor. A man of God like Ssempa.

I see no way to go around that fact. I know that I don’t like the guy, but, when he goes around insisting black is white, I am at first incredulous. He is not correct. He knows the truth, because he is one of the architects of the bill, he has been giving it out to other people, and he can read. And, most damning, the Bill has been public for a long time. I mean, drafts of the bill were out there. And, since then, they have become official, being published in the Uganda Gazette. There is no longer a need for the ‘man of god’ to lie.

Like a politician, he shades the truth. When people challenge him about the provision for the ‘death penalty’, this compassionate man of god piously says that it is just making it in par with what is happening to the ‘girl child’ in Uganda. This is no more, no less than the equal provision for the ‘boy child’. Fact, both sexes of children are adequately covered for, with equal language, in the existing law. Sex with minors of both sexes is illegal, and heavily punishable.

In Uganda, lots of people are convinced that this champion of the weak is fighting a gigantic battle. In the dialogue, he went ahead to say that, the gay agenda is very, very strong. That it is fighting very strong people like Obama. Yeah, those were his words. And, the crowd lapped it up. They cheered on their man.

And, this is not the only place where he stretches the truth.

The bill actually deals with under-age sex in a single line. Ssempa wants to give the impression that this is the only thing that it deals with.

The bill is a monster. A huge, gargantuan monster. And, it is the millstone to hang around Ssempa’s neck. To hang him with. He has owned to it, let me make sure that he doesn’t escape its suffocating hold. Not in Uganda. Not outside Uganda.

If you dare believe Ssempa, get a copy of the Bill. Gazzeted in the Uganda Gazette. Or, a pirate copy which is, what I have here. It is accurate, I assure you!

But, Ssempa is not the only one trying to run away from his, err, Christian responsibility. Yeah, and, I will use that particular weight to sink him. He is a man of god, who seems insistent on leading his flock way off the beaten path. On paths tread by people like Hitler.

Here is a very interesting investigation into the hidden world of exported ideals. Of course, the good Christians in America are not responsible for the sins of their acolytes. No. Of course not. But, see the connection between Nsaba-Buturo, Bahati, Benson-Obua, and the ‘College of Prayer’. Apparently, our parliamentarians even send copies of bills for ‘vetting’ to their good Christian mentors’ in the US. Those who are not responsible for the bill.
Now, this does make me mad. I actually thought that the report ‘Globalising of Culture Wars’ was, (forgive the sceptic in me), a Conspiracy theory.
No longer. There is too much ‘circumstantial evidence’. Here. The research was not mine, so I will direct you where you will drink it in and judge for yourself.


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