Thursday, June 1, 2023

Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2023


Uganda, and Ugandans are seemingly incredibly naïve, like children.

That is a fair observation. The apparent ‘naivety’ actually hides intentions that are quite openly stated. And one believes not, simply because what they state seems unbelievable. Then they take steps to do the incredible, unbelievable.

And, then they deny or obfuscate, or wring their hands and say, oh, but you mistake us. You mistake me!

The lies have started, so, I am commited to seeing them ironed out.

The very first thing to state is that the text of the Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2023 is here, as assented to by His Excellency the president.

Text of the Act, as it appears at the Parliament of Uganda website.

I am reasonably sure that as the text becomes more widespread, the Uganda government will seek to hide it. So, here it is somewhere else I have put it.

Read, and be edified, or horrified. Read, and don’t be ashamed to quote when they say, oh, but no; you are mistaken. Because the denials and lies have already started.



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