Sunday, June 11, 2023

Ugandan pride and hubris; the Stupidities of the Anti-Homosexual Act 2023


When Andrew Mwenda in characteristic language called Ugandan’s obsession with my sexuality stupid, I was a bit miffed. His language is strong. No pulling punches.

But, the saga of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023 is little more than a comedy of errors.

Museveni definitely didn’t want the problem. An own goal; when it first came up in 2012, and even now. Think what you want about the old man, he knows where the money comes from. An own goal, with the US getting into its usual politics circus in the 2024 cycle.

But, there is another pillar of power in Uganda. And Speaker Betty Among is feeling her grits.

The Churches were the instigators. The Pentecostals. And the Catholics with their beef with Pope Francis. And of course the Anglicans, as they are in a beef with the Anglican Communion, busy tearing it apart. My sexuality is the lever to push the Primate of Uganda, the Archbishop into prominence as a mighty schimite of the Anglican Communion.

Yeah. I really don’t mind who you sleep with tonight. I doubt YOU mind who i sleep with. Few Ugandans really mind…,

But, it is great politics. A group that is invisible within the country, unable to fight back. The chance to bead the US and EU and Britain, and of course plan for the election cycle 3 years from now.

I know, me and my sexuality are not that important.

Speaker Among, most likely against President Museveni’s wishes, woman-handled the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023 through parliament, rushing it through as quickly as possible.

And, once it was passed, Museveni could only delay, and try to wrangle a few political points. I think he has lost his grip to the Speaker…, but, that is just my spidy sense tingling!

And now, the mighty Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023 is the law of the country. Time to start counting the cost. Of course there is a cost.
What is so amazing is that I seem to understand the whys and ramifications better than Uganda’s politicians. They only see the nose near gains of popular support. They are actually trying to deny what is in the Act on the one hand, and on the other obfuscating…

Poor Ugandans.

But, it is no shame. One great lesson,  life-long. if you want to manipulate people, pick their prejudices.
Ugandans’ greatest prejudice seems to be homosexuality. They don’t think past the red rug of my sexuality, waved before their eyes.

Our prejudices bring out the stupid in us. For Ugandans, homosexuality is the ultimate red rag.



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