Sunday, June 11, 2023

‘Christ-like’ and Un ‘Christ-like’ Christians

Uh, seems like, inspite of an avowed unbelief, I am kind of obsessed by this whole religion thing.
Why? Well, I am a Ugandan. And Ugandans seem completely obsessed by all things spiritual. I have to be specific, because most would want me to state that it is all things religious. But, my eyes are open, and I see many frequenting the spirit shrines [many of them having attended Church on Sunday and Saturday, and  of course Mosque on Friday.] Yeah, we are obsessed by the supernatural!

And it is the organised religions that are bashing us in an unrestrained glee, pointing to us as the most evil of evil.

So, un-christ-like Christians. And Christ-like Christians.
They are supposed to be named after the Christ, no? And what I hear about the Christ was the religion of love and understanding. Oh.., of course I am wrong. But, the Pope cannot be wrong, can he?

Is Pope Francis a Christian? I don’t know. Maybe he is not.
I don’t think Uganda’s Christians actually would think the old gentleman to be a Christian, and even Catholic at all!

Bear with me. The old man believes that LGBTQ+ individuals should not be jailed for being who they are. He says that homosexual sex is a sin, but so is sex outside marriage…, and that LGBTQ+ individuals should be treated with DIGNITY.
And, he actually went to a prison and shared a meal with LGBTQ+ prisoners…, Did he wash their feet?

Now, that was Pope Francis’ this past Easter 2023. Washing the feet of sinners.

Lets compare him with Uganda’s Christian leaders. The people who are the nearest examples of exemplary Christian conduct.

Christian leaders, the Bishops and Archbishop of the Church of Uganda of the Anglican Communion, The Catholic Bishops of Uganda, the Seventh Day Adventists.., this Easter season were exemplary in decrying and condemning the sin of homosexuality. They begged the President to please, please, please sign that Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023 into an Act of Law.

All in the name of the very pious God. Of course.

Did I mention that the law they were demanding mandates life in prison for the sin of homosexuality [me being one of the people concerned, unbeliever as I am], and death, just in case I am caught a second time?

The Pentecostal pastors…, gosh. Besides engineering the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023 with all glee, what of the chief anti-gay activist, the Most Pastor-ish Ssempa Martin, who showed gay porn in church in order to increase the homophobia to a seething max? Oh, he calls us ‘sodomites’, in his very Christian grace of graces.

Well, well, well. Who of the above is demonstrating Christ-like behaviour, oh Pharisees of this world?




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