Sunday, June 18, 2023

Why do religious people and other people of faith’ hate LGBTQ+ people?

Interesting question. Really don’t understand the reason to the hate, my connection to belief is tenuous. ‘People of Faith’ can be really hateful. Apparently unconscious of the hate that flows like the filth of Nakivubo Channel out of their mouths.
For most non-religious Kuchus and LGBTQ+ people around the world, it is a question that kind of comes out of the blue. It is disconcerting to listen to hate spill from supposedly ‘good’ people. Why do they hate someone that they don’t know? It tastes personal, the hate and vitriol from the pulpit, aimed personally, without them claiming to know a single kuchu in their lives.

Many claim that they don’t hate. That they love.
Hmmm, it is the kind of ‘love’ a person doesn’t need enemies for…, because they have lovers like these.
Of course the love is ‘Phariseecal’. It is hatred. I mean, week after week, the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda has prayed and asked and begged the President of Uganda to sign into law a law that punishes Kuchu love with life long imprisonment and death. That is hate…, not love. Naked hate.

A matter of politics? Maybe, for that Archbishop. But, the fervency was a bit too much. He has a personal stake…

Scriptural. The hate.
Ha. My Moslem brothers and sisters are not shy to articulate that. And many Christians, of course. Their minds and intellects are so holy they are scripture guided.
And am like…, truly?

And the other Christians…,
I once had the distinctly unedifying experience of listening to Pastor Martin Ssempa on an anti-gay rant. It was terrible. Frothing at the mouth, spitting. Yes, spitting in public to show his holy rage.. He was clothed in his black robes, a fat, energised crow indeed, jiggling and spilling hate.

Others claim to believe that we are out to ‘recruit’ their young people.
I wonder why they don’t try to ‘recruit us’ too, instead of wanting to kill us off…, I mean, it is just a matter of consensual sex, no?

Many cannot actually articulate the reason why.., other than commenting that their Pastor, Reverend etc…
Maybe those are just sheep. But, dangerous sheep, believing sheep that will lead the stoning and then go to the confessional to pray for ‘absolution’.

I am just speculating. On behalf of LGBTQ+ human beings. Kuchus of the world. I cannot claim to understand why the hate. Like most other Kuchus, I know the hate is there. I don’t know how to understand it.
Yeah, I want to know why, because these are the people that I break food with, that I work with. And I don’t dare ask the question, most of the time.


I am maligning some religious people. Pope Francis, of the Catholic Church, has come out very firmly in favour of dignified treatment of LGBTQ+ Human beings. 

No, as far as I know, the Catholic Bishops of Uganda are still wondering what Jesus would do about the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023. Pope Francis has no doubt that criminalisation of us Kuchus is very wrong.



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