Saturday, June 17, 2023

Un-christ-like Christians

Listen to this language from Welby, Archbishop and Primate of the Church of All England.

“God’s love for every human being is the same, regardless of their sexuality, and that the Church should never by its actions give any other impressions ..,
reminding them of the commitments we have made as Anglicans to treat every person with the care and respect they deserve as children of God.””

Goodness, gracious me, Welby is writing to Kaziimba Mugalu, Archbishop and Primate of the Church of Uganda, and intimating that LGBTQ+ persons are actually human beings, deserving of ‘care and respect’ as ‘children of God’.!

Very, very, very subversive language.
Would the Nazarene ever say such things?

The Most Rev Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu, the Archbishop of the Anglican Church in Uganda called out the other Primate. Repent!!! Colonialist!  Anti-Scriptural!

Well, Welby’s language is similar to that used by Pope Francis; “Homosexuality is a sin. It should not be criminalised. It is a sin as much as adultery is a sin. And LGBTQ+ individuals (kuchus) should be treated with dignity.”

Goodness gracious me. Subversive language, (against) the very Scriptures, from the heads of the two ‘Mother Churches’; that is the wording, no?

Before that onslaught of loving goodness…, [ahem, ahem, ahem] from the Catholic Church pontiff, Uganda’s Catholic Bishops have run off into a heavy silence. The Anglican Church of Uganda Bishops are unrestrained in saying what they will.

Bishop Godfrey Loum, of the Church of Uganda, Northern Uganda Diocese piously commits to ministry to the sinners.., but, as sinners, he notes. The distinction must be noted. They are sinners, not to be cozened, but to repent and get out of those sins… ‘We don’t dine with them’.
Meanwhile over Easter, Pope Francis was dining with sinners. And washing their feet... In a prison in Rome.
I wonder, were there any LGBTQ+ prisoners amongst those whose feet were washed?

The lines are drawn. ‘Christ-like’ and ‘Non-Christ-like’ Christians, or so it seems. Love, against disdain and ‘scriptural condemnation’. What, indeed, would Jesus do?



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