Friday, June 2, 2023

Death, to the Homosexual in Uganda


Oh yes, it is death to the Ugandan Homosexual caught in the act.

Ahem, I intimated Ugandan, but am sure that this law applies to all who are in Uganda. Tourists, visitors are not exempt.

First, if one is convicted a first time of the offence of ‘Homosexuality’, the punishment prescribed by the law, unequivocal, is life in prison. For the rest of my natural life. No parole. That in itself is a death sentence.

So, in case me, an avowed, self confessed homosexual, is convicted of the crime of homosexuality again, the punishment is death.

Death, for consensual sex, and love.

Back to Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2023. proudly Ugandan...



1.  Aggravated Homosexuality

(1)       A person who commits the offence of homosexuality in any of the circumstances specified in subsection (2), commits the offence of aggravated homosexuality and is liable, on conviction, to suffer death.

(2)       The circumstances referred to in subsection (1) are where—


(d) the offender is a serial offender



Just in case you want to know who a ‘serial offender’ is, in definitions in the preliminary part of the Act



Part 1—Preliminary


“serial offender” means a person who has previous convictions for the offence of homosexuality or related offences;”



Well, it was unavoidable in a way. We homosexuals are a very, very bad part of humanity. Evil. We need to be taken out of circulation.

So, when convicted, life in prison.

When we manage to have sex again (most likely in prison, since that is where we shall be), it is inevitable that we deserve THE DEATH PENALTY. How would the state escalate ‘life imprisonment’ but with ‘death’?

Inevitable. Blame the serial offender homosexual. Like me, of course.



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