Monday, June 19, 2023

Schism Politics of the Anglican Communion on Homosexuality

 Oh yeah, the politics of schism in the Anglican Communion. Spilt out exposed- with my sexuality the apparent catalyst.

But, the vitriol flying is deafening. Surely these people don’t really mind that I slept with a man like myself last night? Well, the sex was good.., how the hell does it concern…,

Sorry. I also slide off the path. Frequently.

So, apparently the ‘Anglican Communion’ is split. Those in England side want to bless (LGBTQ+) kuchu unions. Those in Uganda, in the clan called GAFCON, are not willing to bless kuchu unions.
I wish it was that simple, but even to an observer on the outside, blessing kuchu unions seems to be only the catalyst. For the wrath, rage, fire and spit flying in public. Lots of repressed anger there.

So, with the Primate (Archbishop) of the Church of Uganda enthusiastically championing Life Imprisonment and Death for the homosexual in Uganda, the Primate of All England issued a rebuke. Apparently first in private, and then in public.
The Primate England (Archbishop Webley) was concerned about support of Anglicans for further criminalisation and death penalty for homosexuals. That was not Anglican…, apparently they had had a resolution, [Lambeth 1.1 or something like that], against criminalisation. That Kaziimba Mugalu openly thought that rubbish was a pain, said his brother Anglican Wezley.

Vitriol flew:

“Stupid”, [my paraphrase], says Kaziimba Mugalu. You don’t know anything about what you are saying, you Primate of England.
[Eiissshh…, anyone who doesn’t know what is happening with the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023 must be living in heaven…, or hell? It is 2023.., and the debate in Uganda and outside Uganda has been LOUD!]

‘The Death penalty was in the Penal Code before’, says Kaziimba Mugalu.
[I think that is a lie…, we homosexuals were not being sentenced to life in prison, let alone death for the crime of loving each other. But, he is ‘Man of God’, surely he doesn’t lie so openly? Oh yes, he does lie, the Archbishop]

‘The Criminalisation was there from colonial times’, shouts Kaziimba Mugalu.
Seems kind of contradictory. It was there, yes? From more than half a century ago, a colonial legacy you point out…, don’t you think it is time to stand on your feet, Uganda? Own it, like you did in the Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2023.

Repent…,! Repent Webley, Repent of the sin of advocacy for homosexuals. [He must have been seething in Namirembe?!!] Repent
Webley ‘must repent for not supporting the criminalisation of LGBTQ+ people.” quotes South African MambaOnline.., cheeky, but accurate.

‘Colonialism’, shouts Kaziimba Mugalu.
Hey, I told you this was a brawl, on the internet. Okay, from the GAFCON clan side. The Primate of Rwanda is apparently the spokesperson for the GAFCON clan. And he supported his friend in Uganda.  It seems as if Webley of England cast a stone and the bonfire erupted. Tinder dry, it was waiting, and every nasty name was ready.
Apparently, when concern and advice comes from England, it is ‘colonial’. When the advice comes from Uganda, shouted to ‘repent’ and turn to god, well, it is pure loving concern…!

And the ultimate. ‘You don’t have the right’ !!! We broke up, we are no longer with you…’
Okay.., okay, okay brothers. Chill, a little, please. We understand, we understand. When there is a break up in the family, the emotions can fly high. We don’t need to have all the dirty laundry out to dry.
It is supremely educative and embarrassing and eye opening.

We suspected before…, it is not that I love men, and have sex with them. Yeah, of course I was not naïve to think it was just me…, but, a sense of err, decency?

And, with the huge fight of the elephants in the room, we the grass who will rot and die in prison as gallows food…, err, is it possible to slip in a word that you are supposedly ‘Christian’? I mean, the world might doubt that, if they don’t already…, ahem, ahem.



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