Friday, June 23, 2023

Is the Pope A Christian?

Very, very provocative question. Blasphemy. Lese majeste, since he is head of state. Provocative and insulting.., but, I claim my innocence as an unbeliever first, a very bad homosexual person and unrepentant sinner, as per the teaching of the prominent Christians who are there to shepherd and guide my understanding. Is the Pope, the Pontiff of the moment, Pope Francis a Christian?

Yes, I know you are not yet convinced that my question is genuine. Bear with me just a little more. A few more words.

From my (weak) knowledge of history, there was the Nazarene. Then there was the Catholic Church. Much later, there was a split, and there was the Church of England, Anglican. Those are facts, true?
So, Pope Francis is head, of the Catholic Church. And, for the current Church of England, it is Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury.

The Anglicans have been having problems. Issue apparently is my sexuality, specifically blessing gay couples in marriage. Some of them say broke off, but they say they are Anglicans…, the theology confuses me. They call themselves GAFCON.
So, comes Uganda. The Anglicans in Uganda engineer and support the Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2023. Archbishop Welby says that was not correct. He gives his reasons.

The GAFCON Anglicans are very angry. They tell Archbishop Welby that he is a sinner. That he should repent. They say they have broken from the Church of England because of the sins of the Church of England.

Now, by my calculations, the sins of Pope Francis are more than the sins of Archbishop Welby and the Church of England.

Pope Francis has said LGBTQ+ people, Kuchus as we call ourselves, homosexuals as most Ugandans including the GAFCON people call us, that we are sinners. He says that we should be treated with dignity.

Pope Francis is against criminalising us LGBTQ+ people, just like Archbishop Welby is.
He has washed the feet of sinners. He has dinned with sinners. Our bishops here say sinners are not to be dinned with or cozened. They (homosexuals) are sinners.

In my estimation, Pope Francis has sinned more than Archbishop Welby. At least in the estimation of the GAFCON Anglicans who are supposed to shepherd me, and others like me.

So, is the Pope a Christian?

Oh, I know, Pope Francis and Archbishop Welby have not done different from what the Nazarene would have done…, but only in my sinful expectations. And, I am an unbeliever.
The Nazarene associated with sinners. He walked with sinners. He stopped sinners from being punished. He spoke of loving neighbours as one loves themselves. He even dinned with sinners, for which he was heavily condemned, because he dined with sinners.
Seems as if Pope Francis and Archbishop Welby seem to be acting like the Nazarene. But, the GAFCON shepherds here say that that is sinful.

So, Pope Francis and Archbishop Welby are sinners. Are they Christian?

A humble question, from a self confessed sinner.



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