Tuesday, June 13, 2023

LGBTQ+ in Uganda, the future under the Anti-Homosexual Act, 2023

What is going to happen to Uganda’s Kuchus?

We are going to survive. That is what human beings do. Survive, however bad the circumstances are. Human beings are genetically engineered to survive, and rise as the fittest. A survival of the fittest, in spite of the warping of knowledge and the bullshit political correctness that there will not be LGBTQ+ people in Uganda.

Those who are able, adult and able will get out of the country. Whether they like it or not.
Fact, there is nothing like the taste of freedom, growing up in a country where that freedom of thinking and choice and love is denied, growing up mandatorily closeted, to find that there are places where you are actually free to be yourself.

But, the road to exile is rocky. The LGBTQ+ refugees in Kakuma in Kenya find that there are quite a lot of problems.

But, the rank and file gay Ugandan, the common person kuchu doesn’t have that road to travel. The very decision is terrifying, and the dislocation of person and place and space can be a problem.

Quite a few will fall into the hands of the ‘law’. That is a nightmare.

Prison, bribery, incarceration. Death.

But of course most of us will be who and what we are. Kuchus in the closet in Uganda.
I am. Cannot say that I am not. Quite a number of people know that I am gay, and of course they choose not to mention it. That is life.
Quite a number of kuchus will have to live life closeted, as is, in Uganda, negotiating the law and its pitfalls, as and when they can. It is a guillotine poised over our necks, all the time. And of course it will be used by politicians, all the time, whensoever it is convenient to them.

The young will grow up with the burden of ignorance and homophobia. Will they be able to get access to good knowledge?

Many of us will fall on the way, under the burden of minority stress. That is going to be a day to day concern. How to deal with it? On the individual and on the collective basis?


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