Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Rehabilitation of the Ugandan Homosexual Offender


In spite of supremely hypocritical cries of ‘blackmail’, ‘sovereignty’ etc, etc from anti-gay activists like Bahati and Ssempa, Basalirwa and others, the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023 has distinct influence from far right Anti-gay Activists from the USA. The likes of Family Watch International. Their love of ‘converting the homosexual’ crept in.

Make no mistake, my country mates are hate filled nincompoops. They are being led like sheep, all parroting the same nonsense, and not even TRYING to think through what they are doing.

But, I have to recognise the Fundamentalist Christian Right coming from the US. And their poodles in Africa, of course.

I digress.

In a ‘Christian’ show of compassion, the homosexual is given a chance to repent and convert from their evil ways. Not from outside prison, of course. Prison is the big stick to effect the ‘conversion’, in God’s Name, of course.

Where is this stated? Hold on to your seat, here is Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2023.


“16.  Rehabilitation of homosexual

(1)       The court may, upon convicting a person of the offence of homosexuality, order the provision of social services for purposes of rehabilitating the convicted person.

(2)       The services referred to in subsection (1) may be provided by the prisons service or by a probation, social and welfare officer or of the area where the convicted person is serving his or her sentence.”


I think this was a darling pet pevee of the current Primate of the Anglican Church. He has been frothing at the mouth, trying to prove to the broken Anglican communion that he is the most Anti-Homosexual of all the GASCON group, the Anglicans defecting from the Church of England’s Communion.

I am informed his mates were kind of worried about his bloodthirstiness in advocating for Death and Prison to the homosexual. So, some sort of ‘rehabilitation.’

Notice; it is involuntary. It is in prison. Court orders it.

What else are they going to order? A reminder of the horrors that have passed for Homosexual Conversion therapy in the past.

“These so-called therapies, which are known to be performed in more than 60 countries, include counselling (some with verbal abuse and humiliation), prayers, psychiatric medications, hormone injections, aversion therapies where nausea-inducing medications are given alongside presentation of homoerotic stimuli, and application of electric shock to the brain, or to the hands and genitals. Other methods include exorcism, ritual cleansing through beating the patient, force-feeding or food deprivation, forced nudity, solitary confinement, hypnosis, and “corrective” rape.

Besides lack of medical and scientific validity, so-called conversion therapy has potentially harmful physical and psychological consequences. It is inhuman, cruel, degrading and completely unjustifiable “treatment” that has absolutely no place in the ethical practice of medicine, or in Christian life or civilised society in general.”

Truly, a fervent prayer. The gods, all the gods help the LGBTQ+ Ugandan caught in the net of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2023.
Society, the religions, the state have all teemed up to make sure you are straight. The deities have mercy on your sanity.



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