Saturday, June 3, 2023

Homo in Uganda; Natural Life in Prison, and Death


Imprisonment, for the rest of their natural life. Death, if they dare to be caught having sex again. Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2023

A genocide, indeed.

For sex- for having consensual sex. Just because we are different. Just because we happen to love people of the same sex.

Do not be taken in by the red herrings drawn across the path to obfuscate the intentions of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2023. And the red herrings are many. The intention is clearly stated. To criminalise all acts of same sex love. 


The red herrings are predictable. The law is supposed to protect ‘children’, the ‘vulnerable’, ‘incest’, ‘abuse of power’, ‘the mentally ill’, ‘the elderly’, ‘rape’.
But, being Uganda, the laundry list targeting at netting the homosexual Ugandan to imprison and death is even more extensive. The vulnerable that the homosexual can prey on and get the death penalty include: someone with a disability (any disability, as of course they cannot consent to sex…, oh, their consent is removed, per the text of the law); the mentally ill, those of advanced age.


All these are red herrings, thrown out to confuse and hide the fact that it is the consensual homosexual act that is the target, under the ‘serial offender’ label.


Why would I think that Uganda and Ugandans would be so cruel?
Actually it is very simple. We have laws on the book against all the red herring. Laws against under age sex, laws against rape, laws against defilement etc.

And the other big thing is to paint the homosexual, the gay and lesbian Ugandan as a predator. One who preys on the weak and vulnerable.
In excruciating detail, all those that the big bad homosexual will ‘prey’ on is detailed. Spelled out, to convince the reader of the act that indeed the aim is to protect the weak. Never mind obvious inconsistencies like the elderly can have consensual sex. And so can those who are mentally challenged. 


They cannot consent to homosexual sex. It is the big, bad, dirty, homosexuals to blame, actually.

Death, and Prison for life, for the Homosexual



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