Sunday, June 18, 2023

Un-christ-like Christians, Death Penalty Hypocrisy

Un-Christ-like ‘Christians’ indeed. Well, though I have to assert that I am not a Christian, I grew up with bible lore.., and it is hard to think the Nazarene who taught ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself’ would wink and nod at the Death penalty and life in prison, no parole for my sinful heart. I have a feeling the Nazarene would actually be washing my sinner’s feet. But, that is me.

The Primate of the Anglican church in Uganda, the Most Rev Samuel Kaziimba Mugalu, the Archbishop of the Anglican Church in Uganda to give him his full titles is in a political fight with his Church of All England brother. It has been below the surface, the enmity one of the main drivers of the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023 motivation. But, it was all sort of below the surface, known, unacknowledged.

Last week, everything spilt out, in all-out war, naked, for us to see the ugly insides of the Schism in the Anglican Communion.

In the spill occurring, a curious fact emerged. The Primate of All England challenged the Ugandan Primate about the Death Penalty support. Apparently the Anglicans had decided not to support the Death Penalty.., and colour me surprised that Church of Uganda (nominally) doesn’t support the Death Penalty

But, in actual fact, Kaziimba Mugalu and the Church of Uganda support the death penalty. Especially for ‘homosexuals’. Their non-support is just a matter of words; and they are apologists for the death penalty.
The contortions through which they have gone through to justify the Death Penalty in the Anti-Homosexual Act 2023 are fit for a politician…, not a church man, in my biased opinion, of course.

Kaziimba Mugalu says that the death penalty was in the old penal code for sodomy…, I think that is a lie. [See, Kaziimba believes he will not be fact checked.] . But hey, I am a Ugandan homosexual, I am an interested party.., so, check and see.

The Primate of the Church of Uganda says they don’t support the Death Penalty “but”.
There is the “but”.

He is a Death Penalty apologist. He believes that since he thinks it was in the old penal code of colonial descent, it should naturally make its way into the current Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023. More than 60 years post independence. This is the guy who is raging and gnashing and shouting about the All England Primate acting like colonialism has never ended. Clear double standards, the hypocrisy is breath-taking.

Kaziimba Mugalu, through leadership of the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda, personally was involved in the introduction of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023 in Uganda’s parliament. Admittedly the bill didn’t have the Death Penalty provision, but his actions afterwards showed his true colours.

From the time that Uganda’s Parliament passed the Anti-Homosexuality bill, to the time that the President signed it into law, Kaziimba Mugalu was at the forefront of the pressure to have the Death Penalty Bill into law. Oh yes, he definitely knew then that it was a Death Penalty Bill.
Sundays in the pulpit over the Easter season, he begged, cried, shouted and literally did his all, pressuring for the Presidential signature on the bill.

And once it was an Act of the Law, Kaziimba’s fawning thanks to the President have been noted. Fawning thanks.
Which begs the question, what has been so personal about this for him? I think it is leadership of the schismatic Anglican Communion. Not sure, but…! A fight this tough premises selfish political gains, almost always!

So, challenged by the Church of All England Primate, Kaziimba Mugalu, as a literal aside, says the Church of Uganda doesn’t support the Death Penalty…, and as a true apologist, there was the “but”.

Un-Christ-like indeed. If that is love, what is the definition of hate?
Being an unbeliever, I define the person who wants death and prison for life for me and mine as a hater. And, I doubt anyone else would reasonably challenge that definition. Church of Uganda; un-christ-like ‘Christians’ indeed.



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