Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Negotiating Majority Privilege

Is that concept even there?

Well, since I have made it, then it is there. Majority privilege, which in this case means the ‘rights’ that the class in power takes for granted. That the class in power simply see as given. Who is the class in power?

Whatever, and whoever they are or might be.
In Uganda, ‘believers’ are certainly a class in power. Believers are those who believe in spirits and deities; of different kinds.

Yes, and here comes the so called ‘Majority privilege’.  I intentionally label all believers in spirits in one class. ‘One God’ believers can kill me, literally, for such sacrilege and blasphemy. They don’t believe that those who believe in multiple deities and spirits are believers. Because their can only be one god.

I hide in facts and factoids, though in faith, there is only ‘one truth’.

See, am a powerless minority. Challenged in power on many fronts. Doesn’t matter whether I have facts on my side, I am in the minority…, and that is important.

What set me off?

Martyrs’ Day in Uganda. A religious public holiday.
One of the preachers in the Catholic side asked men who are Catholics and married to more than one wife to drop the others.

Hey, this is Uganda. Polygamy is a matter of fact institution. Moslems take up to 4 wives simultaneously, and are recognised by state etc. ‘Christian’ men usually have an ‘official’ wife, and other ladies. ‘Co-wives’, is the term that is used in Uganda.

That is fine. That is an extension of our hallowed African traditions.

Now, this fine preacher of a religion which was brought by the white colonialists is demanding that Catholic men drop their other wives, because his religion doesn’t recognise polygamy.

I was like…, what of the families, the children and women that come with those families?
They are not to be considered. The religion sternly doesn’t recognise those marriages. And, in the name of that faith, the preacher wants that family torn apart. Simply torn apart.

Astounding. Astounding if you are not aware of the simple and complex hypocrisies of faiths and religion.
What is more astounding is the fact that they consider themselves ‘pro-family’, in fact ‘pro traditional family’.

In the Anti-Homosexuality bill, which they labelled a defence of the ‘traditional family’, they implied that I, the homosexual, the LGBTQ+  individual, am the one who is the family wrecker.

Majority privilege.
Sense is non-sense, facts are turned aside. History is re-written. All because that is what is politically correct.




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