Monday, June 19, 2023

Intellectualism, Ugandan Style


Ahem, indeed it is intellectualism, Ugandan style.

It seems as if everyone in Uganda is an expert on ‘Homosexuality’. Oh yes, I am speaking from the heights of experience in Uganda. Everyone, but everyone seems to know what exactly ‘homosexuality’ is about, and what to do about it. Leaders, to the man and woman on the street.
And much of this knowledge, pseudo-intellectualism is based on ignorance. Ignorance of basic sexuality, ignorance that homosexuals are actual human beings, and of course the chaining weights of prejudice. ‘Homosexuality’ is Ugandans’ defining prejudice. It brings out the stupid in us.

Take His Excellency the President.
In the speech when he called upon Africa to save the world from Homosexuality [Uh??!!!], his reasoning was that because homosexuals do not procreate…, yes, I am not joking, those are the words he is reported using. That because homosexuals do not procreate, humanity was in danger.

Yes. That was the gist of His Excellency the President’s appeal to Africa.

In Uganda, we are called ‘homosexuals’. Those who want to seem a bit more learned, sometimes deign to call us ‘gays’ or ‘lesbians’. We call ourselves Kuchus, to maintain a sense of our African identity [that our homophobic country mates would deny]. We are LGBTQ+ Africans.
If I told President Museveni that B stands for Bisexual, he would ask me what that means…
And I doubt that I would have the energy to tell him that we Kuchus don’t leave our ovaries and testes behind, just because we are kuchus. The explanation would be exhausting!

One ‘expert’, a PhD and lecturer-; his titles are Rt. Rev. Dr. Fred Sheldon Mwesigwa (PhD), Associate Professor of Religious Education intimates that the + in the LGBTQ+ intimates that more is to come, and what is to come is BESTIALITY. Unfortunately, that is not a lie.
This is the intellectualism regarding homosexuality in Uganda. Firmly rooted in ignorance and prejudice. And of course rejecting any view to the contrary. In that article, Sheldon Mwesigwa PhD rubbishes Dr Muniini Mulera’s article ‘Homosexuality, A Medical Doctor’s Perspective’. It challenged his understanding of ‘homosexuality’ and the concrete foundations of his prejudices. So, of course Muniini Mulera was wrong. Sheldon Mwesigwa went as far as trying to confirm that Muniini Mulera’s views were wrong. And, you know the sources that he used to confirm his bias? Other Ugandans. In Uganda. ‘Experts’ because they were of Muniini Mulera’s age group, and in the health proffesion. Critical Thinking, Ugandan style.

 Muniini Mulera got his insight working outsideUganda. In Uganda, prejudice and ignorance reign supreme, as Sheldon Mwesigwa shows, inelegantly.

Unfortunately, there is lots of evidence…,

From Archbishop Ssemwogerere of the Catholic Church for whom consensual sex acts morph somehow into non consensual and sex with children, Pastor Martin Ssempa’s obsession with ‘recruitment’, and we Kuchus’ apparent drive to ‘recruit’ Uganda’s children into ‘homosexuality’, to other bits and pieces of illogical nonsense.

Ignorance, the sheer burden of nonsense and prejudice cuddling up thinking. Even the Ministry of Health in Uganda doesn’t understand how the hell the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023 impacts HIV/AIDS care and prevention in the country. Imagine, not even the gumption to ask why UNAIDS should be worried about HIV in the country … Its like a sort of intellectual laziness well informed by prejudice.

But, I am heavily prejudiced myself. I think we can do better. Sex, sexuality and sexual orientation is not rocket science. It is day to day knowledge, goodness’s sake!

Or maybe I should state that these nice doctors just don’t want to inform themselves? The information is free, everywhere that I note. Some of it authored by Ugandan researchers..! Shame.
Oh…, by the way. Addendum. To inform themselves, the good doctors need to get to sites that ‘promote homosexuality’… More Shame.



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