Saturday, June 10, 2023

Celebrations in Uganda; the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023 is now law


Living and working day to day in Uganda as a gay Ugandan, it is quite easy to forget how popular anti-gay sentiment and outright homophobia is in Uganda.
We kuchus are Ugandans. We live and work in Uganda, with other Ugandans. Of course we discreetly run away from the whole thing about our sexuality. No need to stir hot waters that one knows are quite deep and dangerous. We persevere, live as we are, and forget the constant nag of prevalent homophobia…, just shrug and bear what we can.

But now..,

A frenzy of celebration. Especially with the ‘Martyrs’ Day Weekend.

The politicians are taking a victory lap over the last week. Asumani Basalirwa held a press conference, deliriously happy. A demonstration of students from a number of universities was allowed to parliament to congratulate him. Usually they are met with tear gas and police blows. They were given a red carpet through the streets.

And the President. Poor Mzee.
He spouts nonsense about the gay gene, gay conversion therapy and I am like, gosh. Cringe worth. And, get this…, his absurd statements have an international audience. Africa, led by Uganda, is going to save the world fromHomosexuality…, believe it or not.
How come we Ugandans can be so absurdly ignorant about a subject like sex? It is not only homosexuality…, it is the whole sex and sexuality thing. Steeped in ignorance, we hold up stupidities as gods ordained relevancies.

Goodness, it is 2023, and the President of the country is spouting nonsense about sexuality?!
I get it that he is a grandfather, but…,

In any case, the Churches are happy. Their ‘gift’ of the anti-homosexuality act is the law of the country. They have to make as much political capital of it as possible.., hey that is life. Political capital, you make it as and when it is possible. And for the likes of anti-gay activists like Ssempa… it is heaven on earth. His popularity as a talk show guest is through the roof.

Poor Uganda. If it was not my life and liberty that was at stake because of this ignorance, I would be really miffed. Ignorant, prejudiced to the point they will not allow any facts to dent that armour of their ignorance. And, very, very proud of it.

Gracious heavens, Ugandans actually believe that their homophobia adds to their worth!



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