Thursday, June 1, 2023

Life in Prison, No Parole


Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act, 2023

The aim was boldly stated, from when Basalirwa, the MP who proposed the Bill, at the instigation of the Churches and Mosques in Uganda. An elimination of homosexuals.

And the result is devastating, and un-equivocal.

For a first offence, Prison, for life. No parole.

For a second offence, the Death Penalty.



“An Act to prohibit any form of sexual relations between persons of the same sex;…’


Part 1—Preliminary

1.  Interpretation

“imprisonment for life” means imprisonment for the natural life of a person without the possibility of being released;


2.  The offence of homosexuality

(1)       A person commits the offence of homosexuality if the person performs a sexual act or allows a person of the same sex to perform a sexual act on him or her.

(2)       A person who commits the offence of homosexuality is liable, on conviction, to imprisonment for life.


That is the Law of Uganda.

As passed by the Parliament of the Republic.

As assented to by the President of the Republic.

When convicted of homosexuality, I, a homosexual Ugandan, am supposed to go to prison for the rest of my natural life, without the possibility of being released.

Life in Prison, No Parole. For an act of consensual love.
My guess is that a gulag for homosexuals is going to be built soon. Where will we put all these imprisoned for life Ugandan homosexuals?



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