Saturday, June 10, 2023

Uganda’s Lying and Hypocritical Churchmen

Yes, I keep harping on this topic, because it keeps ringing with truth.

So, with the Catholic Church in Uganda hobbled by the reigning Pontiffs opposition to the criminalisation of a ‘sin’, the Church of Uganda, Anglican, led the charge to deepen the criminalisation of LGBTQ+ Ugandans. Yeah, we were criminalised. But, according to the holy churchmen, [and it is usually mainly the men, not the women], it was simply not enough.

For the Anglican church, the issue is political, at the very least. They want to break away from their ‘mother church’, the Church of England, and lead the ‘South’, or GAFCON, whatever. In their quest for political power in the church, the dear leaders are telling lots and lots of lies. At least one of them is not that they dearly wanted the Act. Yeah, they have been leading prayers and supplications for the President to sign the Bill into the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023. They left the obfuscation and silence to their brothers (no sisters) in the Catholic Church in Uganda. The Church of Uganda Primate and other leaders have been very, very loud, in advocating for Death and Life Imprisonment (no parole) for the Homosexual Ugandan.

So, the Primate of the Church of England at last leaves his ‘brotherly’ silence at the backstabbing brothers of the Church of Uganda, and releases a suitably horrified statement.

It is the reply from his brother in Uganda that is a nonsensical sleight of words very fitting for a politician. Here I will quote.

says the Primate of Uganda, Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba, "homosexuality is currently a challenge in Uganda because it is being forced on us by outside, foreign actors against our will, against our culture, and against our religious beliefs".
"The African way" is a "lifelong, heterosexual, monogamous marriage", he added.”


Okay. I call out the bullshit. BULSSHIT, Mr Stephen Kaziimba. And, you are telling lies, and you know that they are lies. I will list them.

·         Again, and again, and again, because it is necessary, we LGBTQ+ Ugandans and Africans do assert that we are AFRICAN. WE ARE UGANDAN.
Lying that we are not is very stupid, because we are as African as Kaziimba is, and trying to erase our sexuality is stupid. It is an easily debunked lie. We simply are. African. Ugandan.

The African way indeed. BULLSHIT

·         The African way is POLYGAMY. Even after the coming of the white man colonialist with his religion.

·         The coming of the white man colonialist with his religion happened less than 150 years ago. That does not make your religion the African Religion, Mr Kaziimba.
[True, I really don’t like religious leaders in Africa claiming their religion as ‘African’. They are trying to erase our very identity of African, replacing it with the religions of colonisation! Talk about neo-colonialism.]

·         Mr Kaziimba’s predecessor as Church of Uganda Primate, Stephen Ntagali is reported to have had another family on the side. A family which Ntagali’s clan would embrace, even though the Church threw him out for his ‘sin’.

·         Mr Kaziimba, touting "lifelong, heterosexual, monogamous marriage", when as the African way gives lie to the reality on the ground.

I don’t come from an exceptionally different African family. We boast a male patriarch, [married in church of course], with at least four ladies, my mother’s co-wives as they are termed, and I do have numerous half brothers and half sisters. All of them are my siblings. That is the African Way. And most of my age mates boast this reality on the ground.
Former Archbishop Stanley Ntagali’s family came out because of issues of child support. But, this is the norm in Uganda…, not something exceptional!

Oh, and divorce…, dude, I would count on my hands families that boast the ‘western’ myth couple ‘for ever and ever’.
It is not an African myth, that. It is a European bed time story that you are trying to tie us too.

Hypocritical, indeed, Mr Kaziimba, Primate of the Church of Uganda, Anglican of the GAFCON fraternity. the hypocrisy is indeed stunning. But, it is what is taken for politically correct speech, that kind of hypocrisy in Uganda.

Hypocrisy. From Uganda’s Churchmen. Hypocrisy and lies..!



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