Sunday, April 9, 2023

Uganda Catholic Church’s Silence

Uganda’s Catholic Church Fathers are playing Blind, Deaf and Dumb.., to the Anti-Homosexuality Death Bill…

Have I been too harsh judging their silence? 

No. I am not.
Ugandans, like a lot of African countries, are quite religious. Religious organisations are powerful here. Just look at how the Inter-religious Council actually initiated passage of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023.
But, apart from that power, these powerful men and women are highly hypocritical. The talk is just talk. What they do, how they behave would be scandalous, in any country other than Uganda. You remember Pastor Ssempa showing gay porn in church?   It is exposure in the foreign press that actually stopped him. In Uganda, he showed it multiple times in Churches and other public spaces, and it was only remarkable in the numbers who took the time to go ‘see for themselves’.
Someone took the trouble to list, without names, some of the ‘more recent’ Pastors scandals here. From bigamy, adultery, ‘homosexuality’ and others.

Calling out the Uganda Catholic Church’s deep, abiding hypocrisy, when I have the utterances of the Pope, the current, living, Pope to support me is just sense. 

I am [relatively] sure that when they comment on Uganda’s Homosexual Death bill, they will be the essential biblical Pharisee hypocrites, [in this story]  and they will throw up their hands and say, oh, we don’t agree with a few things, but the bill is law…!

In the AP interview on 25th Jan 2023, Pope Francis noted that some Catholic Bishops advocated for criminalisation of homosexuality. He had just stated that homosexuality is a sin, just as much as a lack of ‘charity’ was also a sin… He stated.

“Acknowledging that some Catholic bishops nevertheless support criminalization, he said “these bishops have to have a process of conversion,” adding that they should apply “tenderness.””

Is the silence from the Catholic Church in Uganda the sort of ‘tenderness’ Pope Francis is talking about?

Or is it playing the Pope Pius XII handbook, hoping for exoneration later on?



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