Sunday, April 2, 2023

Papal Intervention


It is a curious position in the Catholic Church. In our eyes at least. I usually think of the Catholic Church as this monolithic edifice. A powerful institution, influencing the lives of many.

Pope Francis, in statements quite consistent from the beginning of his papacy, is relatively benign. Not benign enough to allow the ‘sacrament of marriage’ but enough to allow us freedom of body and life. Literally. [Blog post, Papal position]

That position seems to contrast sharply with what the ‘Fathers’ in Uganda believe.

““If Pope Francis would say that he doesn’t want any Roman Catholic priest, nor any Roman Catholic Bishop, to sign onto a law that criminalizes LGBT people in Africa, then the bill in Uganda dies. All the bills in Africa will die. His bishops, his priests are the ones championing the criminalization of LGBT people in Africa.””

So, should any remaining Kuchu Catholics in Uganda, and Africa appeal to the Pope to intervene?

It is a serious question.

We are not agitating for gay marriage. We have to be alive to get married. We have to be free of prison to get married. From statements from the Archbishop in Kampala, it is obvious that the Uganda Homosexuals Death Bill is a pre-emptive strike against gay marriage.

If the Pope offers us freedom and life instead of prison and death as offered [by proxy] by the ‘Fathers’ in Uganda.
We will take his deal, and lay off the ‘Sacrament of Marriage’. Seriously.

No, we will not debate about ‘charity’, ‘sin’ and other minutiae. It is a question of survival. The Pope has a better deal.

If the Pope would intervene…, Pretty Please.



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