Saturday, April 8, 2023

Mirroring the American Right


Kuchus (Gay Ugandans) are coming for your children!

When I wrote and posted here , the title was a poke at innuendo overheard. I am gay in Uganda, I know it for nonsense. Pure, unbelievable nonsense, I thought.

Yet, on ‘balokole’ [born again Pentecostals] radio today, I heard the same nonsense presented as fact.
The message was clear. As Ugandans ‘sleep’, homosexuals are awake, coming for their children, in their schools. ‘Recruiting’ the children, preying on them. Tips were offered, to ‘homosexual proof’ the poor innocents and generally be aware.

The language was English, accent American. He was American.

The ranter informed listeners that he and others were working with pastors and religious leaders in Uganda, opening their eyes to the problem.

It reminded me of what is happening in the US in recent months, years. Florida. There is a ‘war against ‘Drag Queens’’. The rhetoric is eerily similar. The Drag Queens are coming for your children. They need to be protected.

“They” are coming for your children.
Powerful, viscerally emotional, evocative message. Rallying call, to ‘us’. The enemy a minority that cannot reply to the nonsense. A stigmatised minority.

Kenyan Kuchus, our eastern neighbours recently won an important court case. Their constitutional right to organise affirmed by the Kenya Supreme Court.

The expected backlash against Kuchus, [Gay Kenyans] had some unexpected aspects. Kenyan kuchus were accused of bringing books into the country for homosexual indoctrination.


““Kenyan government intensified its restrictions on imported books with LGBT themes after public outcry. Parents and religious leaders in the country had demanded an audit of such books.””

In the US, so called challenges to school and public libraries are an ongoing issue. Parents complaining about books with ‘LGBT themes’.

Transplanting ideologies from one place to another, one environment to another is dangerous.
We have these stupid, stupid people to thank for the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2023?

Its no joke, or hyperbole. Hon Asumani Basalirwa who brought the Homosexuals Death Bill to the Ugandan parliament was talking on Deutch Wella and ranted.

“"Why are they invading our schools? Why are they invading our children? They are just being provocative. So, you want to invade our children and we look on? You want to invade our schools and we look on?"”

My people, including our leaders believe this nonsense.

The message is brought by American pastors. They are introduced by our pastors and religious leaders. Instant credibility.
They even state that they are ambassadors of truth from America to counter their government’s homosexual agenda, in Africa!

From America with Hate, indeed. We poor African kuchus are unwitting collateral damage.



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