Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Kenya’s ‘Family Protection’ Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Parliament

Kenyan MP George Kaluma journeyed to Uganda for that conference. The conference where Ms Sharon Slater schooled Africans on matters of African sovereignty, and Traditional Family Values. [Doesn’t it seem funny that someone needs to come from Arizona, US to school these poor Africans leaders about matters of family and African sovereignty?]

Pull back a second and wonder…, but, it is a matter of fact that the people who listened to the ‘Family Watch International’ came fired up. They came energised as foot soldiers to come and protect the ‘Family’ and assert our ‘Sovereignty’ which apparently are threatened. The Americans had given a passionate presentation!

Last week, Mr Kaluma went ahead and translated his lessons into action, the practical results the ‘Family Protection Bill’, which was offered up to the consideration of the Kenyan Parliament. The language in the bill is very familiar, but, it goes a step further. It is Family Watch International propaganda, undigested. American right stuff, which shouldn’t be out of place in so called ‘Bathroom bills’ in Florida and other states. Any American following their politics will be surprised at this language appearing in a bill in an African country.

“bill also seeks to ban Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in pre-primary, primary and secondary schools education programmes. He avers that the content teaches children masturbation, Abortion on demand parental information or consent, pornography, homosexuality, and LGBTQ and that they are trapped in the wrong body.
The bill if passed will uphold the prior rights of parents and guardians to their children’s education.”

That, that was a ‘copy and paste’ operation. That is in the bill that is currently in the Parliament of the Republic of Kenya.

This begs the question, has nobody talked to these willing pawns about what is happening? In Uganda, Dr Sylvia Tamale and Nicolas Opio seemed quite aware of what was happening. Check their comments in the Guardian about the conference on ‘Sovereignty and Family’, Of course, if you have any somewhat positive attitude to kuchus in our countries, then everything that you say is tainted. But still….! Dr Tamale called it a mix of ‘manipulative organisers and gullible participants’, and MP Kaluma proves her point. He took what was ‘taught’ by rote, copied and pasted it into his brain, and from thence into a bill for the National Parliament!

Talk of gullible participants. My own president was convinced that Africa was needed to save the world from homosexuality of course!

MP Kaluma’s ‘Family Protection Bill’ of course has the Family Watch International staple on anti-LGBTQ propaganda and presumed actions.

“It will also criminalize the promotion, recruitment, and funding of homosexuality and LGBTQ behavior.
defines “sex” as the biological state of being male or female observed and assigned at birth.
The MP also wants the state to limit rights to assembly, demonstration, association, expression, belief, privacy, and employment in childcare institutions in respect of homosexual convicts. The bill further prohibits adoption by homosexuals”

Wow, talk of a ‘hate bill’ all dressed up as ‘protection of the family’, for our ‘traditional values’

Most of this stuff is well presented in the Southern Poverty Law report on Family Watch International. No wonder they label FWI a hate group. But, it is more that a hate group. It is a group of proselytizing fanatics determined to bring their vision of America to Africa. They have been suffering series of defeats in the US. In Uganda, Kenya and the rest of Africa, when they dress up issues as ‘Family Values’, ‘Traditional Values’, ‘Sovereignty’ and other catch phrases, our politicians lap it up, not actually having an understanding of what they are hearing. The cultural imperialism is camouflaged, blamed on we, African kuchus, while the real imperialist cozen with our leaders, political and religious.



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