Monday, April 10, 2023

Children committing Homosexuality in Uganda


We Ugandans have taken the art of hypocrisy to dizzying heights. All appearances, little concrete, no bone. And when the appearances mask the reality of what we are doing, that is very ‘Ugandan’.

A too honest account in one of our papers; 

“We live in times when the Executive cannot deny bribing legislators, and when top politicians think that stealing is all right if the stolen money or goods are invested locally or used to bribe voters.”

That is matter of fact, our political and moral corruption exceeds expectations, always. Yet we happen to have quietly exceeded even those expectations in the Homosexuals Death Bill, 2023.

In the draft of the bill, presented by Asumani Basalirwa, he was poetic;

Principles of the Bill

(d) protecting children and youth…

That messaging has been consistent. They [legislators, political leaders, church leaders, mosque leaders; anyone jumping on the bandwagon] is doing it for the sake of the children…

During the marathon session in parliament on 21st March 2023, it was decided to be very specific with children who commit the acts of ‘homosexuality’ as defined by Ugandans. They are very evil children, these children. They need to be punished, for their temerity in committing acts of homosexuality.

The honourable members of parliament amended the text to include 3 years imprisonment for the offence of Homosexuality [Ugandan definition]

3 years, in one of Uganda’s prisons, for the offence of homosexuality.

I don’t believe any of our fat cat, millionaire and billionaire MPs have an inkling of what it means to be a prisoner in one of our prisons, without the protection of their wealth and high offices.

About a week or two after the passage of bill in Uganda’s parliament, these three children were released from remand prison in Gulu, in the north of Uganda.
They were arrested last year on suspicion of cattle rustling. They are of the Karimojong ethnic group. They were assessed as children. They were involuntary guests of the ‘state’. These children were on ‘remand’, not convicted of any crime. And this is what they looked like, on release. One of them is reported to have died, soon after release. 


The article in Ankole Times. The pic circulated on social media, Ugandan circles for a bit. With requisite ooohhs, and aaaaahs.

Those, those are the prisons to which our fat cat legislators are condemning our children, caught in homosexual acts, convicted of homosexuality in Uganda.
Yes, us adults convicted would be imprisoned for life. And, if we are not reformed afterwards, it will be Death Row. Life in prison and death, for all homosexuals in Uganda. A Final Solution?

That pic reminds me of victims of Hitler’s Concentration Camps. Maybe our legislators’ unstated aim is to kill us off, to have a clean, homosexual free Uganda. Well, they stated it. In a round about way.

prohibiting any form of sexual relations between persons of the same sex

What is more ‘prohibitive’ than winking and encouraging our prisons to become concentration camps to legislatively kill off all identified homosexuals?

Hyperbole? Exaggeration? Simple politicking? I wish I was. I really wish I was just doing that. But, the provisions and totality of Asumani Basalirwa’s Bill, and as amended in Uganda’s parliament are genocidal, of. Lessons from Hitler, suitably refined, for Uganda’s environment.

President Museveni will sign it of course, ‘for the good of the children’ and to show Uganda’s leadership as Africa saves the world from homosexuality.




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