Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Uganda Homosexuals Recruiting your Children


The many myths that Ugandans believe about Gay Ugandans.

‘We are coming for your children?’ Really?

Ugandans generally believe that gay Ugandans lust for other Ugandans’ children.
Stating it that baldly burns the sting. It is usually innuendo and nasty asides. We are ‘recruiting’. Recruiting who, and for what? Are we building up harems of young people? How can we afford it? Here is one influencer’s take, which was stated very boldly in the Monitor paper. 

“We have heard loads of evidence from young people, some of school-going age, sharing their experiences. The recruitment patterns are not very clear as these groups are highly organized, well-funded and connected to key people through whom they access their unsuspecting targets.”

Pure, undiluted nonsense. But this is what most Ugandans believe. The writer is a “commentator on peace, religion and society” in the Monitor.
From my experience, kuchu community in Uganda is so fractious and disorganised the only thing we can organise successfully is an orgy. ‘Too disorganised to organise an orgy in a brothel’. Crude, but spot on.

Where do they get this stuff?

Andrew Mwenda commented bluntly 

“If the problem is pedophilia (sex with underage kids or minors), which is what most Ugandans I listen to seem to insinuate, we have the law against defilement.”

It is insinuated, winked and nudged and hinted at. When kuchus who are out state bluntly that Ugandans are conflating (mixing) pedophilia with homosexuality, they say, oh no, no.
Paedophiles can be heterosexual or homosexual (of course). But, Ugandan group think is that all homosexuals are by definition paedophiles. And actively recruiting!

Ugandans understand the term ‘defilement’- sex with under-age girls.
Most would rubbish a statement that ‘All heterosexuals are paedophiles’. But, they entertain, indeed believe and promote that ‘All homosexuals are paedophiles’.

Here is the same Ugandan style rationalisation from no other than Archbishop Paul Ssemogerere of the Archdiocese of Kampala, of the Catholic Church in Uganda. 

“I think when you are homosexual and you are enticing this young person, you do the act and using all the money you have and you make him sick, the poor person goes to the hospital because of what you have done, that is a crime then. It is child abuse.””

So, if it is child abuse, aren’t their laws against child abuse in Uganda? Why are you targeting (ahem, okay; supporting the targeting) of God’s Holy Homosexuals?
And underlining Mwenda’s pointthe sleight of hand insinuation, the slippery slope argument ending in homosexuals on death row. Pope Francis’ point of the difference between ‘crime’ and ‘sin’ is even more stack. [In the same article, The Archbishop shamelessly tries to parse the Pontiffs statement. Amazing]

Dearest Ugandans, in as much as not all heterosexuals adults are ‘defilers’, to think that we homosexuals are all ‘defilers’ and coming for your children is a serious issue with your thinking.
Yes, your pastors and religious leaders seem bent on spreading that lie, but you should have the sense to understand that it is simply untrue.
No, we gay Ugandans are NOT coming for your children!



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