Saturday, April 1, 2023

The Uganda Catholic Church’s Problem with Pope Francis


Horror of horrors! Am I implying there is a break with the Supreme Pontiff? With regards to homosexuality?
That is a serious allegation.

Gay bashing is a national sports in Uganda. The last quarter was ‘finals’ in a way; the party to beat all parties. The Uganda Catholic Church’s voice was curiously absent, muted.[previous post]
But, Pope Francis has been vocal.

The Pontiff has always had a frank opinion on homosexuality. Part of his job, so to say. Problem is that opinion contrasts black to white with the majority of Ugandans. And it contrasts [apparently] with the views of Uganda’s Church Fathers.., the most likely reason they are yet to release their ‘opinion’ 

Pope Francis’ views, as reported in Uganda, in an article in the Sunday Monitor on Sunday, January 29, 2023.[article] These are the Pontiff’s words, as reported.

On Wednesday (25th Jan 2023), an interview with AP

“being homosexual was "not a crime ... but it’s a sin".”

“"It’s not a crime ... but it’s a sin," he said, adding: "It’s also a sin to lack charity (love for) with one another."”

On Saturday (28th Jan 2023), in a letter in Spanish, translated into English on the website ‘Outreach’ Pope Francis says

“People who criminalise homosexuality are "wrong",”

“"to clarify that it (homosexuality) is not a crime, in order to stress that criminalisation is neither good nor just"."”

“I was simply referring to Catholic moral teaching, which says that every sexual act outside of marriage is a sin,"”

“"I would tell whoever wants to criminalise homosexuality that they are wrong,"”

“'It is a sin, as is any sexual act outside of marriage.'"”

Pope Francis is pretty cool, with regards to my sexuality. That is a matter of fact observation. The Monitor reported that he had written earlier to the same priest, thanking him for his ministry to LGBTQ individuals and stressing.

“the inclusive nature of Catholicism and writing that God "loves each of his children".”

Those statements from the Pontiff are pretty strong. I am no Catholic, but, I understand that it is much better to be unable to receive the ‘sacrament of marriage’ than risk death and prison, for being gay.

Ahem, and the whole ‘charity’ or love thing?
I don’t know whether any Kuchus in Uganda have been feeling any love from the Catholic Church, but I can confidently assert that, whereas we feel warmth from Rome, the wind from Rubaga blows cold when it deigns to blow.
Oh come on, which independent observer would try parse the language ofArchbishop Ssemwogerere here as the essence of love? 

I dont need to quote Jesus on love. I just need to quote Pope Francis.
The irony of it.



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