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Gay Witch-Hunt; amongst the Pastors.

A soap opera. Kidnappings, bribery, police corruption, both hinted and actual. False statements. False witnesses. Rapidly changing statements, seems the truth is well oiled by who gives the money...! Men of God who are no more than pharisees, playing out their ‘political’ games of the church in public. Wow! It is amazing, the way things are playing out. What is the truth? Ha ha ha!

I bet the police are very confused by everything.

Who dares speak the truth in Uganda? Not even the so called ‘believers’ seem to have an inkling of what truth is!

Ok, the hyenas have turned on each other. It is bloody, it is cruel, it is ugly.

On one hand I am crowing. I want to go out there and say ‘I told you so’. The fact that the hyenas, which looked so holy in sheep’s clothing are showing their true colours. Oh, it is fantastic, from my point of view. Let them show us what they are. They will turn on us, maybe tomorrow. But, may they tarnish and soil their nice whites with some real sticking mud. And, by god, they are!

It works for me...! And on the other hand, we have been asking ourselves why they have always found this need to focus on my sexuality. Believe me or not, in Uganda, my sexuality has not been a very big issue. Ssempa and co, following their anti-gay agenda have made it an issue. Just look at other African countries. Our Kenyan neighbours. Or Tanzania, or Rwanda. Once in a while, something happens, news is made, and it blows down. In Uganda, it certainly is not us, gay Ugandans who want to be kept constantly in the news. So, why do the flames of the anti-gay agenda burn so brightly in Uganda.

The answer, simply politics. And money in the mix of course. Power in the Church.

I salute you, dear Ssempa, and co!


Here is the latest update. From the Monitor newspaper. The slightly different update from the Vision is below.


Drama as Kayanja accusers withdraw





The sodomy allegations against Pastor Kayanja took a new twist on Wednesday after some of the alleged victims retracted their statements.


Drama ensued at the Criminal Investigations Directorate headquarters in Kibuli at about 4.30pm yesterday after the detectives drove away Mr Samson Mukisa, one of the seven alleged victims, to Buganda Road Court where he allegedly retracted his statements in a closed session before magistrate Dorothy Lwanga.


Mr Mukisa, who is said to have made an “extra-judicial statement”, was whisked away in a saloon car late last evening to an unknown destination. He was by last night said to still be in police custody.


The dramatic turn of events, with Mr Mukisa’s dramatic withdrawal of a statement in which he claims Pastor Kayanja sodomised him, was preceded by another dramatic withdrawal of an earlier statement by another alleged victim Robinson Matovu.


The five pastors, who have been interrogated by the CID following allegations against Pastor Kayanja, could be left holding the can after some of the alleged victims retracted their statements yesterday.


Pastors Solomon Male, Martin Ssempa, Micheal Kyazze, Bob Kayiira and Annet Kyomuhendo  are accused by the CID of setting up Pastor Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Centre in the sodomy allegations – a fall -out that threatens to tear apart the born again churches.


Pastors Male, Ssempa and Kayiira have since Monday been regular visitors to the CID main interrogation centre.

Mr Matovu at a press conference at CID attended by both Pastors Male and Ssempa stunned the two by saying Pastor Kayanja has never sodomised him.

“In fact, it is you people who promised me Shs50 million if I pinned Pastor Kayanja that he sodomised me,” said Mr Matovu, stunning Pastors Male and Ssempa.


He was later whisked away by detectives to formally retract earlier statements made against Kayanja.

Yesterday’s turn of events place a major dent in the five pastors defence after the Police claimed the other five victims James Ntwatwa, Ronny Mutebi, David Mukalazi and Akansiime had also withdrawn their statements against Pastor Kayanja.


But Mr Mukalazi said on Wednesday he had not withdrawn his statements.

CID director Edward Ochom on Sunday summoned the five pastors for interrogation.

The pastors have been critical of the police conduct in the investigation – pointing out possibilities of compromise considering that Pastor Kayanja recently renovated Old Kampala Police Station.


The same complaint was echoed by the pastors’ lawyer, Mr Andrew Kasirye, who held a press conference yesterday morning and threatened to petition Parliament and Human Rights Commission over the conduct of police.

Mr Kasirye had earlier written to Internal Affairs Minister Kirunda Kivejinja accusing the Police of taking sides and according “Pastor Robert Kayanja the benefit of doubt, without an exhaustive inquiry into the matter”.


The lawyer said the victims had earlier complained of harassment by police.

 “The allegations made by Mukisa of police brutality and compulsion to sign a retraction under gun point are serious and require your attention,” he wrote.

“We respectfully implore you to look into the matter and accord it urgency.”


And from the New Vision. Do you in truth understand what the Vision reporters say? Or am I the one with a lack of understanding?


Police arrest Kayanja sodomy accuser

Wednesday, 20th May, 2009


Businge and Charles Ariko


A TEENAGER who has accused Pastor Robert Kayanja of sodomy was on Tuesday night arrested amid protests by his lawyer. In a series of dramatic events yesterday, the Police also made the boy, Samsom Mukisa, to write a confidential statement before a magistrate.


They also dressed him up in different ways in an apparent attempt to confuse journalists.


As investigations continued yesterday, Mukisa was subjected to further interrogation. By press time he was still in Police custody.


Earlier in the afternoon, the Police took him to a Buganda Road Court Magistrate to make an extra-judicial, or confidential, statement. Such a statement can be used as evidence against him in court of law.


The process lasted about three hours, after which Mukisa was whisked away to an undisclosed location by a security operative, Maj. Michael Ssali Ssalambwa. Sources, however, said he was detained at Jinja Road Police Station.


Mukisa was arrested at about 11:00am on Tuesday when he reported with his lawyer, Andrew Kasirye, to the CID in Kibuli, a Kampala suburb. The Police interrogated him for at least seven hours until about 9:00pm before detaining him.


Kasirye and colleague, Paul Rutisya, reacted angrily but their pleas were ignored as Mukisa was driven away in a silver Police pick-up truck to an unknown location.


Yesterday morning, the youngster, dressed in a stripped T-shirt, was driven to Kibuli where he recorded a statement that was also captured on video.


At 4:00pm, Mukisa, disguised with a cap, a white cardigan and a hood, was led into Ssalambwa’s vehicle, which sped off to the court. But the journalists recognised him despite the camourflouge and gave chase.


When they reached the court, Mukisa was Sandwiched between Ssalambwa and other detectives. When he emerged from the car, he had changed clothes again and was wearing sunglasses, an orange apron while clutching newspapers. He was then led to magistrate Dorothy Lwanga.


Maj. Ssalambwa’s involvement in the case was not clear. In 2001, he was the aide-de-camp of Col. Dr. Kizza Besigye, the leader of the Forum for Democratic Change party. After the 2001 presidential elections, which Besigye lost, he fled to Rwanda, but was deported and charged with treason but got amnesty in 2003. Lately, he has been common at the CID headquarters.


Earlier in the day, Kasirye addressed journalists about Mukisa’s arrest. “They are using all avenues to jeopardise the investigations, including intimidating complainants,” he told a press conference at their offices on Clement Hill Road.


“It is illegal to arrest anyone without charges being preferred,” he said. He explained that the Police should have stated Mukisa’s charges and revealed where he was detained.


In a twist of events, Robson Matovu who on Tuesday said he had also been molested by Kayanja, again turned up yesterday but instead said Sempa and Male had bribed him with sh50m to tarnish the name of “Mzee Kayanja”.

As he spoke, Male and Sempa confronted him to substantiate his bribery allegations.


In a panic, Matovu attempted to run away but the pastors closed in on him. A Police officer took him to another building. His fate was unclear by press time.


Mukisa, in an affidavit, accuses Kayanja, the pastor of Miracle Centre, Rubaga, of sodomising him.

Kayanja has denied the allegations, saying they are meant to tarnish his name.


He instead accused pastors Martin Sempa of Makerere Community Church, Michael Kyazze of Omega Healing Centre and Pastor Solomon Male of orchestrating the matter.


However, the pastors say Mukisa simply reported the matter to them and they advised him to report to the Police.


The Police have been investigating the matter and last weekend cleared Kayanja of any wrong-doing. They said the complainants had retracted their accusations. However, Mukisa, Sempa and Male said this was not true.


Male and Sempa were interrogated by the Police on Monday and ordered along with another Pastor, Bob Kayiira, to report to Kibuli again today at 10:00am. They spent the entire day at the CID yesterday.


Curiouser and curioser…!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009



What does one do when the enemy seems intent on scoring own-goals?

You sit back, and laugh and cheer- because it is an incredible sight.

It is so in Uganda at the moment. Anyway, for those of us who seem to be fascinated by the vagaries of (my) sexual orientation. Ssempa and Co, are particularly interesting in this anti-gay pursuit. The fight of fights, the fight of the century.

Not everybody believed them when they started. They have held conferences, they have held press conferences. They have accused gay activists of everything from ‘recruitment’ to eating children alive. We are a clear and present danger.

But that was not enough.

A witch hunt was started. Most of us gays are small fry. Almost insulting. We do our thing when and where we can, and count on the general blindness of our countrymen to keep us well hidden in our closets. And in general, we do succeed. Oh, by the time you are a big fish, it is so necessary to be well and truly closeted, the light of day cannot surprise your closet. Survival of the fittest, my dear.

Ask me…! We do succeed, because, apparently, after making the headlines continuously for more than 3 months, we seem to have gone back to ‘normal’. Oh, there are more cases of blackmail, extortion and arrests than usual. And I sincerely hope it will not happen to me… and pray that it happens to someone else (I am human), but life is in its own rut. Frankly, life is hard. Where I will get the next … does not matter so much if I am very hungry, and I do have to work!

But I digress.

The witch hunt turned inwards. Not content with attacking and imprisoning us small fry, gay Ugandans, it turned to the ‘enemies’ of Ssempa and Co. The other pastors. Pastor Wars. It is very easy. Just accuse one of the big one… Sodomy.

Incredibly entertaining. Evening after evening, a new episode of this soap opera is written. Main actors, Ssempa and co, a few other ‘attendant’ figures, on the periphery.

I have written before that Ssempa is markedly free of the burden of intelligence. Oh, he is charismatic, and single mindedly ‘anti-gay-activist’. But he is remarkably devoid of intelligence. This holy crusader has turned inwards, and is busy tearing into his own denomination. Eviscerating the body to spite the nose. And it is bloody!

Its all about one big time pastor. Robert Kayanja. He has been accused of the big deed. Sodomy. The guy is connected. In real time politics. And he is powerful. Really powerful, all the way to State House.

But with power comes envy, and jealousy. And vulnerability.

And some very nice self serving people get to tear down the big fish. All in the name of ‘god and country’ as Georgina has been saying (oh, on that, have you got Georgina’s account for donations for the anti-gay fight? Quick and donate…!). Kayanja is supposed to be gay. He is fighting the allegations. And, suddenly, accusers are crawling out of the very woodwork. Vultures, circling. Sensing a big, belly flop, exposing the underside.

Ssempa and Co are very busy tearing down the big fish in the Ugandan Pentecostal waters. Think of the US Catholic church, embroiled in the paedophile cases. And this time it is the princes of the church, bishops earnestly tearing into one another, all in the name of ..god, did I say?

It is positively hilarious.

Oh, why should I laugh? Cause I am amused. In conversation with one dude last night, guy told me that these anti-gays are just plain demented. We are, and will continue to be. Hitler tried to wipe us out, and failed. Will Ssempa succeed?

Just think how lovely Ssempa’s denomination looks like now….!

And that fight, ugly as it is, is exposing Ssempa and co. Don’t think they mind- the guys are too oblivious of basic logic. But then, who is to quarrel with that? Me, I am too happy that the guns are turned inwards. However the controversy is resolved, I will definitely be a winner! The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Even when they are busy hitting out at themselves. Incredibly, un-resistibly, breathtaking. The sight, the feel, the newspapers these days!

By the way, talking of allegations, I have always been niggled by my gaydar near Dear Martin Ssempa. Oh, I have no ‘proof’. But seems so many kuchus here have this thought that when I am told that he cruises gay bars outside the country, I feel hopeful.

Ah, I don’t out people, not at all. But with Ssempa, I will lovingly make that exception. If anyone out there has any knowledge of dear Martin in any ‘compromising’ situations, please send me a hint. All in the name of god and country of course. Nothing malicious, I assure you.

Anything, anything, I pray.

Now, back to the on-going soap opera…!



Monday, May 18, 2009

Pastor Wars 3: Another installment!


Yeah, am still alive. Had taken a leave of absence from the blogosphere, … still absent, but cant help surfacing with the pastor wars taking another turn. Here is the article….

Indeed, as Ssempa is quoted saying, sad days for some…




PS, first from Monitor, then the view from the New Vision! Which incidentally, is the government paper. And from me, a hearty laugh. Would be better if the witch hunt is not continuing. Sigh, cant have everything, can one?


Sodomy row: CID summons pastors





The Police Criminal Investigations Directorate yesterday summoned five pastors on allegations that they set up Pastor Robert Kayanja in a sodomy scandal.


CID Director Edward Ochom said at a press conference that Pastors Martin Ssempa of Makerere Community Church, Solomon Male of Arise for Christ, Michael Kyazze, Annet Kyomuhendo and Bob Kayiiira of Omega Healing Centre are expected at CID headquarters in Kibuli today, where they will be interrogated by detectives.


The summons come after CID investigated cases in which seven people including; Samson Mukisa, James Ntwatwa, Ronny Mutebi, David Mukalazi, Akansiime and Robinson Matovu alleged to have been sodomised by Pastor Kayanja while they were serving in his church at Rubaga Miracle Cathedral.


Mr Ochom said the cases were found to be false and the Police had summoned the pastors on allegations of giving false information contrary to section 115 of the Penal Code and false swearing contrary to section 100 of the Penal Code.

 “We are going to take tough measures against people who tell lies to the Police because they put the Police credibility to question,” Mr Ochom said.

The development is likely to turn tables with Pastor Kayanja, who recently made a big donation to the police force  – renovating Old Kampala Station, moving from defendant to complainant and the Pastors who have been accusing him of sodomy becoming the defendants.


The CID boss’ position on the matter, stems from a Police statement by Mr Mukisa on February 7, alleging that he was an orphan who sought refuge at Pastor Kayanja’s church but was sodomised. He also swore an affidavit to that effect.

Police carried out medical examinations, which indicated the man was not sodomised but a separate independent examination by a doctor at Mulago Hospital did not rule out sodomy. “We have found out that his (Mukisa’s) mother is alive contrary to the first statement he made and his father isn’t Richard Bulega as he alleged but is Richard Muyingo,” Mr Ochom said yesterday.


CID officials said Mr Mukisa has never been part of Kayanja’s church.

But Mukisa yesterday said the CID boss had told lies about him. He also alleged to have been forced by the Police to sign a statement at gun point. “Both of my parents are dead. I am ready to prove all I have said,” Mr Mukisa said in an interview with Daily Monitor.


Both Pastors Male and Ssempa yesterday confirmed receiving the summons. Pastor Ssempa described the development as a “sad one for those helping victims of sodomy”. Daily Monitor couldn’t reach the other pastors.


But the Pastors summoned by CID and particularly Pastor Male have accused the Police of acting suspiciously in the investigation. “Mukisa reported his case to the Police in February. Later, we read that Kayanja had offered to renovate Old Kampala Police Station … If your conscience is really clear, why do you send dummies to people investigating you? Why not allow them to investigate and find you innocent?” Pastor Male said in an interview with the Sunday Vision.



And from New Vision


Police clear Pastor Kayanja of sodomy

Sunday, 17th May, 2009      

By Patrick Jaramogi


THE POLICE yesterday described allegations of sodomy against Pastor Robert Kayanja of Rubaga Miracle Centre as “baseless”, “fabricated” and “full of lies”.


“We have been carrying out investigations following allegations of sodomy by Pastor Robert Kayanja. The allegations were grave because they involved the church, but the revelations were unbelievable,” said Edward Ochom, the Director of Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID), at a press conference at his headquarters in Kibuli.


“Pastor Kayanja has no case because all six complainants who reported to the Police have retracted their complaints, saying they were set up by some pastors. We shall proceed with the case when any other person comes up with a complaint.”


The Police listed Samson Mukisa, David Mukalazi, Brian Ntwata, Robson Matovu, Ronnie Mutebi and Brian Ankansima as people who have since retracted their statements.


Ochom warned of stern measures against people who tell lies to the Police.

“These people have been summoned to explain.”


He listed those summoned as pastors Martin Ssempa of Makerere University Community Church; Michael Kyazze, Robert Kayiira and Lendo Anita Kyomuhendo of Omega Healing Centre; and Solomon Male.


“We want them at the CID headquarters today. If they don’t respond, we shall arrest them,” Ochom warned.


According to Ochom, Mukisa, the 19-year-old boy who alleged he was sodomised by Kayanja in a hotel, confessed that he had been used.


“When our senior detectives called Mukisa for interrogation, he confessed that what he swore in the affidavit were lies. Mukisa said that he was paid sh50,000 per month to damage Pastor Kayanja,” said Ochom.


However, Mukisa at a press conference convened by Male on Saturday said he had been forced by CID officers to retract his earlier statements at gun point.


“I was put at gunpoint and forced to retract and sign a new statement. I feared for my life,” he told journalists. Mukisa is being accommodated by Omega Healing Centre in Namasuba.


In his affidavit, presented by Kaggwa and Company Advocates, Mukisa alleged that he was heading a music group at Kayanja’s ministry for street children which won a music competition and that after the party, Kayanja drove him to an unknown hotel and sodomised him.


“Mukisa alleged that his anus was shattered and that Kayanja brought a female doctor who stitched it. When we took him for medical examination, the Police surgeon found that his anus was intact and had never been stitched,” said Ochom.


He said investigations found out that Mukisa had never been taken to the children’s home.


“In his affidavit he said that his father was the late Richard Bulega of Kitende in Kajjansi and that his mother, Oliver Nansubuga, died in 2008. But when we interrogated him, he said his father was Richard Muyingo and his mother is still alive.”


“Mukisa later told us that he was being used by some pastors.”


Ochom vowed that the Police would not tolerate lies by church leaders.


“We are not going to allow people who are not credible to lead institutions like the church. The church is an institution of high morals.”


The conflict between rival Pentecostal churches, which compete for members, ‘sowing’ money and funds from US churches, has deepened in recent weeks, with pastors accusing each other of homosexuality, kidnap and bribing people to frame them.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

How we are loved. Senegal

'Gay man' disinterred in Senegal

The body of a man believed to be homosexual has twice been dug up from a Muslim cemetery in Senegal.

The man, in his 30s, was first buried on Saturday before residents of the western town of Thies dug up his body and left it near his grave, police say.

His family then reburied him, but he was once more exhumed by people who did not want him buried there. His body was dumped outside the family house.

Senegal outlaws homosexual acts but there is a tradition of effeminate men.

A police officer told the AFP news agency that the body was eventually buried away from the cemetery.

The state-owned Le Soleil newspaper reports that it was buried within the grounds of the family home.

"Goor-jiggen" (men-women) dress up as women, socialise with females and have long been tolerated in Senegal, a majority Muslim country. However, attitudes seem to be changing.

The AFP news agency reports that local imams, as well as some newspapers and radio stations, have denounced homosexuals after an appeals court last month overturned the conviction of nine people for homosexual acts.

They had been sentenced to eight years in jail after being found guilty of "indecent conduct and unnatural acts".

The men, who were part of an HIV/Aids group, were arrested in December at a flat in a suburb of the capital, Dakar.

In February 2008, the editor of a magazine in Senegal received death threats after publishing pictures claiming to depict a wedding ceremony between two men.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Issues at Hand


Pastor Solomon Male of the Arise for Christ Ministry has denied claims made on Wednesday by some born again pastors in Kampala that Male is an imposter in the born-again churches. Pastor Joseph Serwadda of Ndeeba Christian Church, flanked by a group of other born again pastors announced before journalists in Kampala that Pastor Male is an imposter.

Serwadda and group accused Pastor Male of making unfounded allegations against pastors of born again churches. homosexual acts reportedly taking a center stage in the born-again churches. Male recently announced that Pastor Robert Kayanja of Lubaga Miracle Center Cathedral and a group of other pastors are involved in gay acts. Male went ahead to tell the world that he is ready to prove his allegations against pastors in court when need arises. Pastor Serwadda however tells born again Christians to avoid pastor Male because Male does not have a church he heads.

In response Pastor Male tells Serwadda that owning a church doesn’t mean that it’s the only way someone becomes a pastor or that someone can not comment on the ills being done against Christians in the born again churches. Male says many people have built buildings and turned those buildings into churches but the owners of those buildings have not become pastors. He says Jesus Christ whom all Christians follow never build or had any Church.

Program on WBS Television. The Pastor Wars, remember? They are on-going.

Ok, background. Uganda has this huge, Pentecostal church movement. It has been ongoing since the times of the troubles- Idi Amin. But it is a disorganized, un-organisable phenomenon. They are human beings, so that is very understandable. There are some crooks, and some who are not. Of course.

So, Pastor Kayanja is part of that huge phenomenon. A rags to riches story- in the usual ‘prosperity gospel’ way. Huge. A Mega church. A multinational, international mission. Stretching to the US and back and to the beyond. Etc etc. A miracle man. A Mega miracle man.

But you know, with success come jealousy. And with jealousy, come accusations.

And what does one accuse a hugely successful pastor in Uganda? What iniquity of iniquities will tarnish any ‘public’ figure in Uganda? Homosexuality. A hint, a whiff of homosexuality. Accuse, with or without evidence (manufactured or not!).


It has brought down Father Musaala. The accusation. Not facts of whether he is gay. Just the accusation.

And the witch-hunt continues.

To me, well, because I am a homosexual in Uganda, and I love it when the people who are enveloping my sexuality in the politics of sin start showing their true colours. I am small fry. Very small fry. So, with the current witch-hunt, I know I may fall foul of them, the witch hunters, but the Ssempa’s and Langa’s of this world are really looking to pull down bigger people than me. And so, they are eating each other.

Pastor Kayanja was accused. He has taken a break from his world wide ministry, to defend himself in Uganda. (Yeah, man, he is taking a bit of pressure off us, why not!)

Apparently, one guy, at the behest of another (rival) pastor, went and swore an affidavit. That the big man had sodomised him. Sad, sad, sad. So, the good Christian pastor apparently went ahead and revealed it on a television. And, failing that, one of Kayanja’s aides is being offered lots of money to come out and ‘prove’, sort of like George Oundo ‘proved’ against Father Musaala.

Sad, sad, sad.

Well, Kayanja is sharp, and charismatic, and he is also considerably more intelligent than Ssempa. The accusations are pushed aside. Brushed aside…. I love it. Apparently, the act was commited when Kayanja was not in the country. And he can prove it.

I love it. Not least because the pressure in the country has turned from we poor, anonymous homosexuals, to the big guys who the rival pastors are battling. I mean, the enemy of my enemy…!

This is the kind of thing which the good anti-gay Christians predictably steered up. So much in love. They speak of love and spread hate… And when they are challenged they fall back on the hypocritical ‘that is not what we wanted’!

I am a human being, as I am proving here. Of course I laugh when my enemies fall. And when they are so fiercely and openly challenged.

Pastor Kayanja, I am no Christian, and I don’t know about your sexuality, and of course I know that you will be one of those supporting the anti gay bill… But, for the red eye you gave the Christian anti-gay activists of Uganda on the programme Tuesday night, I salute you.

And, as we are in the matters of celebrating, Afrogay took on the red rug. There has been an interesting back and forth between them. And he has taken a stand too. Bravo, brother!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More anti-gay Hysteria; in football!

Seems as if the drive to weed out and throw out homosexuals from every sphere of influence in Uganda is ongoing.

I had not seen this article, but here it is. FUFA is the Federation of Uganda Football Associations. Kind of wonder what FIFA would say to this? Does FIFA have an anti discrimination policy against gay people of the world?

 Fufa Chief Vows On Homos in Soccer

Swalley Kenyi 3 May 2009


Kampala — FOOTBALL governing body FUFA president Lawrence Mulindwa has vowed to ban any football officials who are implicated in homosexuality.

Mulindwa's comments follow allegations that a certain Villa official who is gay was in the habit of practicing it with players against their will.

Last month Villa fans under The Blue Army umbrella group 'expelled' the Jogoos' team manager Chris Mubiru in a letter to Mulindwa and asked him to ban the official from football.

Mulindwa urged the victims to speak out to give a basis to deal with such officials because they were killing football talent.

"It is not natural. Let's fight those beasts. They are killing talent. If someone comes out to testify against such people we shall ban them from football," he warned.

The fans led by Samson Nsubuga alias Miracle, have filed several allegations against Mubiru accusing him of 'spoiling' some club players.


Monday, May 4, 2009

His Excellency

The President of Uganda-, he has spoken out about homosexuals in Uganda. So I do him the honour of having the quote on this blog.

It is not the first time he has spoken.

In 1999, he famously ordered the Criminal Investigation Department to look for us and arrest us. It was a quite popular pronouncement, except that it did not go down well with some of his Western friends. They told him that it did not square with their idea of human rights. And he had to walk back the pronouncement. Not in Uganda, where it was popular, but at a speech in South Africa, if I remember well.

With the recent gay bashing, he has not been very vocal. Nsaba-Buturo and others members of his cabinet have been doing the job. But he came out and spoke, urging lawyers…

Here are his words, as quoted in the New Vision.

The President further observed that African culture was under threat from Western influence. He advised lawyers to research on African jurisprudence, addressing issues that had been left out by the adopted Western legal systems.

“There are some Western things that we cannot accept, for example homosexuality,” he noted.

“Europeans are saying it is a right and we are saying it is a deviation. You don’t kill them, but you know it is abnormal. But the Europeans come and say it is an alternative way of life,” Museveni added.

Interesting take on the issue. No. He doesn’t want us killed.

It does seem like a concession, doesn’t it? I think I am a bad guy. I just don’t think I should be persecuted in anyway just because I am different. Why should my life be guided by someone else’s morality? Why should I live at the mercy of someone else, someone who admits they think me abnormal and unnatural?

Strange world. And of course, I do have to listen to what they say. Doesn’t mean that I will sit back and wait for them to decide what punishment suits me in my degraded state.

Heard this. At a conference about HIV, when some African activists were being asked about the persecution of gays in their countries, one government official was riled by all this emphasis on ‘rights’ for homosexuals. He stood up, and said, ‘They should be thankful. The law says we should stone them to death, but (in my country) we have not done that for years.’

Yeah, right.

Suicide to trust in the benevolence of one’s enemies. Should Ssempa or Nsaba-Buturo decide the best interests of gay people in Uganda?



Sunday, May 3, 2009


Uhh, on an article that was in the Monitor newspaper a couple of weeks ago. The article was by Kevin O’connor.
The comments
are interesting. To say the least! Typical of what others Ugandans seem to think of Gay Ugandans. Instructive in a way, but before you read, take care. If you are gay, or at all knowledgeable about sexuality, you may kind of boil…!
And, of course, Kevin’s status in Uganda is assailed with high narrow mindedness. Er, in Uganda, it is politically correct to gay bash. And, as long as you initially accuse someone of being a homosexual, you can add onto those accusations any other kind of despicableness…


paul andrew said at 04/26/2009, 00:00

Richard Flynn said at 04/26/2009, 04:21
Well done Kevin. Thank you for pointing out the obvious. Good luck to Bernard, too, for doing the decent thing.

Jim Necas said at 04/26/2009, 05:11
Kevin O'Connor sounds confused and very bisexual. Coersing anybody especially vulnerable children into homosexuality is wrong and anybody found doing this should be dealt with strictly according to the law. It's even crazier to hear Kevin justifying these acts by terming them as mere experiments amng teenagers that eventually go away. Believe me, they never do! Kevin! Please come out of the closet! We weren't born yesterday!

Agnes said at 04/26/2009, 05:54
It's sad to hear a white man enjoying the Ugandan hospitality telling our young boys that homosexuality is part of growing up! I find this very disgusting and insulting. Why should we allow the likes of Kevin to corrupt the innocent minds of our young children with their homosexual tastes. For how long shall we continue undermining our values and allow such filthy people to freely infect our societies with trash! I think because of poverty and our curteous nature, we are taken advantage of by every scumbag that comes along.

Hussein said at 04/26/2009, 06:18
In Uganda and indeed many African countries, you find people who may have left their own countries due to tough laws against child abuse and are living in comfort while abusing poor and vulnerable children with impunity. It is high time we introduced tougher laws against paedophilia to protect our children. What theory has the writer based high on that homosexuality is part of the developmental process of young people? This is child abuse, pure and simple!

John said at 04/26/2009, 06:21
How can a normal human take pride in encouraging such acts between men or women of the same sex? Can any one tell me if he or she has ever come across male dogs making love to each other, and yet these are supposed to be inferior animals? This question of homosexuality should not be tolerated as pride! Go to European countries that claim to accept it as a way of life. How many males undergo annus operations daily just because the very openings can no longer hold? How many wear napkins as if they had become babies? How much do they spend in those cases?
Ugandans should not be proud to become homosexuals even if they are heavily paid to do it! You should not fall victim because some one proposed money to you.
Take care or you will live to regret your inhuman behavior!

godfrey said at 04/26/2009, 07:22
Homosexuals once got must be sentenced to death without any other punishment. That is if we are truly fighting homosexuality. Because, see ugandans population of females is almost doubling for men then why go for your fellow men? At same time we shall be encouraging prostitution, however it was there before. Thank you

lopingemma said at 04/26/2009, 14:29
I'm totally cross with you. These theories are so ridiculous and are supposed to curbed. Kevin how can you support such unnaturalness in Uganda. Don't you feel enraged when you hear criminal cases. It's too much.
Those who commit such murders of dignity must be punished much more severely.
I'm sorry, but I'm fed up of reading such news.
It hurts me as a Ugandan.

sumaya said at 04/27/2009, 05:19
Kevin, if you stopped to listen to yourself you would realize the folly of your argument. Natural and homosexual in the same sentence is quite the you notice that these guys require jellies and all sorts of artificial lubricants to enjoy their 'natural' act?And lets not get into how they can not reproduce and all the obvious unnatural things about this 'completely natural act'.Kevin give us a break!People like you do not deserve to live here.

barrie said at 04/29/2009, 04:21
thanks for saying what most people have actually ignored. if truth be told, that is the truth. Africans are found of sweeping everything under the rug all the time, homosexuality is real and is here to stay. you gay haters have a gay cousin, a gay uncle, a gay niece or nephew. so, stop pointing fingers.....LIVE AND LET OTHERS LIVE.WORLD PEACE..... richard flynn, please get in contact with me on and we talk more.

papa emma said at 04/30/2009, 04:27
I have been a fun of your article recently but you have made matters worse im waried that you might be one of sponsors of these deadly disease in Uganda how can you say that, teenagers should experience and they will change, you are lucky to have changed otherwise wakaze ke, but dont use our freedom of speech to cause chaos
get saved

emma said at 04/30/2009, 15:34
I fully don't approve this support.
Gays can't reproduce it is so unnatural.
I agree that good wiling homos should seek healing.
This is my last comment.
I'll never return to this irrelevant discussions.
Those who support this unnaturalness, should be aware that they wouldn't have been born if one of their parents were a gay.
You may call me homophobic , arrogant, but I don't support those people who rape young boys, even toddlers, posing that its their right to be homo.
And Damn those people who recruit university students into such things.
These criminals should be punished, they might spread this disease in Uganda.
Ugandan should follow their own ancient prestigious glory!!
Nothing should jeopardize it, any noxious thing should be annihlated!!
This is the fact, and hail Uganda the Pearl of Africa.
I hope you become great in the near future.. or in the remote, I have patience in you.
Next time , no comment.

John Sampa said at 05/01/2009, 05:15
You know, we have laws in this country and a dignified culture. Never should we allow guys like Kevin to set the pace for us. Reminds me of the Danish diplomat a few years ago who wasted time here advocating for his gays with his donor cash until he was reminded by a Monitor editorial that "we take exception b'se he can address more serious things with his cash." Come on Kevin, do serious stuff while in Uganda and leave our honour, pride and culture for us to revel in. Or else back off this beautiful land you freely enjoy!

Richard Flynn said at 05/02/2009, 03:08
Sad to see so many ignorant people writing here. Ignoring the more emotive comments, which don't deserve a reply, I think the rest only serve to underline the deep need for decent education around the subject of sexual orientation. And its place in Uganda's history, as well as its present.

And let's not confuse pedophilia with homosexuality. Heterosexuals abuse children sexually, far more often than gay people, remember. There are already laws to deal with that.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

If homosexuality is natural, then why are they recruiting?

Some people are actually totally convinced and believe in the recruitment thing. To me the allegations seem so laughable and pitiful that I even hesistate to put them here. But some people sincerely and totally believe in these things.

If homosexuality is natural, then why are they recruiting?


I would like to put in a thought or two in reaction to Kevin O’Connor’s article in Sunday Monitor of April 26, 2008 titled: “Some truths about homosexuality”.

In that article Kevin makes a lot of sweeping statements, most of which he did not back up with any authoritative evidence and which cannot in any way stand the test of scientific research and verified hypothesis.

Kevin claims that 10 to 20 per cent of humans are born homosexual. He also claims that homosexual tendencies are normal and harmless in kids and they will simply outgrow them and become normal heterosexuals. He criticises those who bash gays, alleging homophobia on one hand and hypocrisy on the other.

I would like to take him on, on these submissions.

First, if such a high percentage of people are born homosexuals, how come there is a huge deliberate effort by some of our “friends” in the western world to recruit young people into homosexuality?

There is abundant evidence that these “friends” send plenty of money and gifts to clubs here so as to suck the young unsuspecting youth into homosexuality.

I was personally involved in the counselling of some young boys who had been recruited. They told a long, harrowing tale of the recruitment exercise they went through. They were provided with nail polish and would paint only one fingernail as a sign of membership to the club!

The recruitment that is being carried out is so worrying; it’s like they are mobilising for a political party or army!

Kevin, evidence abounds all around pointing to this recruitment mania. I invite you to come with me and I show you living examples of this.

One cannot have hatred for these young recruits – oh no. What one feels is impotent pity and one can only feel deep hatred and revulsion for the recruitment officers.

The young men are innocent; it is those that are hiring them into it that are beastly.

Kevin, I am sure you have not seen some of the young men who have been ruthlessly sodomised.

I have seen some of them with bottoms oozing with pus, having been afraid to go for help because their tormentors had assured them that one word would get them killed.

So they suffer silently; their bottoms rotting away and the poor fellows beginning to walk like ducks, until some good Samaritan intervenes. This is not fiction.

There are also incidents reported in some institutions of higher learning where some homosexual lecturers sexually harass their students. When the students object the punishment is an outright fail – you say no to sodomy and you forget about getting a degree or diploma.

If the homosexuals could restrict their practice to consenting adults, then maybe society would not be so angry; for that is not as bad as pouncing on young innocent fellows and destroying their lives.

Kevin also alleges that teenage homosexual tendencies are normal and harmless; just give the kids time and they will simply outgrow those tendencies and become normal heterosexuals.

This is a sad and misleading falsehood.

As I mentioned above, I have been shown young boys whose anuses have been literally torn to pieces after being sodomised. These were not born homosexual.

They have been used by the dubious fellows going around recruiting these innocent kids. If they were born homosexual, how come the God of Heaven did not make them adoptive to the sexual act so that there would be no damage? And contrary to Kevin’s claims, there are no “harmless” gay tendencies that the kids will outgrow in due course.

Most of them never get out of the habit once they are initiated into it. The trend has been that in a school for example, those who were initiated into homosexuality in their first year, after they go on to Senior Two, simply wait to mete out the same treatment to the next batch of Senior One kids, in vengeance of some kind.

When the kids come in Senior One, - innocent and new in the school and not in a position to argue or understand what is going on, or even resist it – the bigger boys sodomise them. And the cycle continues.

One growing danger is that young men and women from well-to-do families are now peddling homosexuality in a romanticised way saying it is “cool” to be homosexual. Parents of such children are bleeding.

This country must wake up and sensitise the youth against this practice. We do not need to witch-hunt homosexuals. What we need to do urgently is to stop this recruitment that is going on; we must prevent the homosexuals in their quest to build an army or brigade, starting with the schools.


And my comments?

  • Friends in the western world, will you please send me some money for recruitment? See, I am a cash strapped homosexual here. Should not have a problem ‘recruiting’. It will solve my money problems and further the homosexual agenda. So, anyone there to send me some money for the cause?
  • But, if you send the money, please remember to back off the ‘accountability’. I have to warn you that I am a home grown homosexual. And I was not recruited. I studied in schools here, and live and work here. But I have just gotten to know of this ‘recruitment’ activity this year… The recruitment mania. But please send the money!
  • Another caveat. I have told you am a home grown homosexual. Ugandan. Born, not err, recruited. According to the best medical opinion, one cannot change one’s sexual orientation. Oh, I know. I tried to change from homosexual to hetero. I failed. Shouldn’t have tried of course. But seems it is the hetero to homo which works. So, I will try that…!
  • And another thing. Logically, most of the population in the west should be gay. They must have been aggressively recruited, by the aggressive homo activists, the homosexual agenda pushers. Or, do they work only in Africa? In Uganda?
  • Bottoms oozing pus… See, I am a homo. And, though I am a bit careful telling the world what I do in bed with my partner of years, (it is punishable by life imprisonment), I have to confess that we have not had any bottom oozing pus phenomenon. (Maybe we do it the wrong way…! Or maybe not often enough?) I  bet a doctor would have them treated for an STD? That is what I think, but then, see, I am a homosexual. So, whatever I say must be wrong.
  • Sex for grades, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Happens so frequently, according to popular myths amongst the heteros. I mean, go to campus, see how the girls dress to kill. According to Karooro Okurut, it is forced when it is homosexual, huh? No longer consensual!
  • Sex in schools- Sigh, why was I never recruited? Seems some guys have all the fun…! I think, Karooro, that according to Ugandan teaching, no sex should happen in school. No hetero sex. And no homo sex. That both occur is a matter of fact. Why you set aside the hetero and tell so many lies on the homo is beyond me… But that particular myth of us targeting children seems to be your strongest ‘recruitment’ persuader.


But sincerely, why are some people so ready to believe serious myths like this? Why do seemingly well intentioned people believe myths and are so resistant to use a little bit of logic to burst them? Come on Ugandans, homosexuality is not so ‘new’ or so ‘un-researched’ that you have to believe all that nonsense!

The myths are a serious problem. According to the writer above, the anti-gay blink when it is us adult homosexuals having consensual sex. But because of the ‘recruitment’ and the ‘homosexual agenda’, they are very willing to persecute us.