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Uhh, on an article that was in the Monitor newspaper a couple of weeks ago. The article was by Kevin O’connor.
The comments
are interesting. To say the least! Typical of what others Ugandans seem to think of Gay Ugandans. Instructive in a way, but before you read, take care. If you are gay, or at all knowledgeable about sexuality, you may kind of boil…!
And, of course, Kevin’s status in Uganda is assailed with high narrow mindedness. Er, in Uganda, it is politically correct to gay bash. And, as long as you initially accuse someone of being a homosexual, you can add onto those accusations any other kind of despicableness…


paul andrew said at 04/26/2009, 00:00

Richard Flynn said at 04/26/2009, 04:21
Well done Kevin. Thank you for pointing out the obvious. Good luck to Bernard, too, for doing the decent thing.

Jim Necas said at 04/26/2009, 05:11
Kevin O'Connor sounds confused and very bisexual. Coersing anybody especially vulnerable children into homosexuality is wrong and anybody found doing this should be dealt with strictly according to the law. It's even crazier to hear Kevin justifying these acts by terming them as mere experiments amng teenagers that eventually go away. Believe me, they never do! Kevin! Please come out of the closet! We weren't born yesterday!

Agnes said at 04/26/2009, 05:54
It's sad to hear a white man enjoying the Ugandan hospitality telling our young boys that homosexuality is part of growing up! I find this very disgusting and insulting. Why should we allow the likes of Kevin to corrupt the innocent minds of our young children with their homosexual tastes. For how long shall we continue undermining our values and allow such filthy people to freely infect our societies with trash! I think because of poverty and our curteous nature, we are taken advantage of by every scumbag that comes along.

Hussein said at 04/26/2009, 06:18
In Uganda and indeed many African countries, you find people who may have left their own countries due to tough laws against child abuse and are living in comfort while abusing poor and vulnerable children with impunity. It is high time we introduced tougher laws against paedophilia to protect our children. What theory has the writer based high on that homosexuality is part of the developmental process of young people? This is child abuse, pure and simple!

John said at 04/26/2009, 06:21
How can a normal human take pride in encouraging such acts between men or women of the same sex? Can any one tell me if he or she has ever come across male dogs making love to each other, and yet these are supposed to be inferior animals? This question of homosexuality should not be tolerated as pride! Go to European countries that claim to accept it as a way of life. How many males undergo annus operations daily just because the very openings can no longer hold? How many wear napkins as if they had become babies? How much do they spend in those cases?
Ugandans should not be proud to become homosexuals even if they are heavily paid to do it! You should not fall victim because some one proposed money to you.
Take care or you will live to regret your inhuman behavior!

godfrey said at 04/26/2009, 07:22
Homosexuals once got must be sentenced to death without any other punishment. That is if we are truly fighting homosexuality. Because, see ugandans population of females is almost doubling for men then why go for your fellow men? At same time we shall be encouraging prostitution, however it was there before. Thank you

lopingemma said at 04/26/2009, 14:29
I'm totally cross with you. These theories are so ridiculous and are supposed to curbed. Kevin how can you support such unnaturalness in Uganda. Don't you feel enraged when you hear criminal cases. It's too much.
Those who commit such murders of dignity must be punished much more severely.
I'm sorry, but I'm fed up of reading such news.
It hurts me as a Ugandan.

sumaya said at 04/27/2009, 05:19
Kevin, if you stopped to listen to yourself you would realize the folly of your argument. Natural and homosexual in the same sentence is quite the you notice that these guys require jellies and all sorts of artificial lubricants to enjoy their 'natural' act?And lets not get into how they can not reproduce and all the obvious unnatural things about this 'completely natural act'.Kevin give us a break!People like you do not deserve to live here.

barrie said at 04/29/2009, 04:21
thanks for saying what most people have actually ignored. if truth be told, that is the truth. Africans are found of sweeping everything under the rug all the time, homosexuality is real and is here to stay. you gay haters have a gay cousin, a gay uncle, a gay niece or nephew. so, stop pointing fingers.....LIVE AND LET OTHERS LIVE.WORLD PEACE..... richard flynn, please get in contact with me on and we talk more.

papa emma said at 04/30/2009, 04:27
I have been a fun of your article recently but you have made matters worse im waried that you might be one of sponsors of these deadly disease in Uganda how can you say that, teenagers should experience and they will change, you are lucky to have changed otherwise wakaze ke, but dont use our freedom of speech to cause chaos
get saved

emma said at 04/30/2009, 15:34
I fully don't approve this support.
Gays can't reproduce it is so unnatural.
I agree that good wiling homos should seek healing.
This is my last comment.
I'll never return to this irrelevant discussions.
Those who support this unnaturalness, should be aware that they wouldn't have been born if one of their parents were a gay.
You may call me homophobic , arrogant, but I don't support those people who rape young boys, even toddlers, posing that its their right to be homo.
And Damn those people who recruit university students into such things.
These criminals should be punished, they might spread this disease in Uganda.
Ugandan should follow their own ancient prestigious glory!!
Nothing should jeopardize it, any noxious thing should be annihlated!!
This is the fact, and hail Uganda the Pearl of Africa.
I hope you become great in the near future.. or in the remote, I have patience in you.
Next time , no comment.

John Sampa said at 05/01/2009, 05:15
You know, we have laws in this country and a dignified culture. Never should we allow guys like Kevin to set the pace for us. Reminds me of the Danish diplomat a few years ago who wasted time here advocating for his gays with his donor cash until he was reminded by a Monitor editorial that "we take exception b'se he can address more serious things with his cash." Come on Kevin, do serious stuff while in Uganda and leave our honour, pride and culture for us to revel in. Or else back off this beautiful land you freely enjoy!

Richard Flynn said at 05/02/2009, 03:08
Sad to see so many ignorant people writing here. Ignoring the more emotive comments, which don't deserve a reply, I think the rest only serve to underline the deep need for decent education around the subject of sexual orientation. And its place in Uganda's history, as well as its present.

And let's not confuse pedophilia with homosexuality. Heterosexuals abuse children sexually, far more often than gay people, remember. There are already laws to deal with that.


jny23 said...

GUG yu always blog/post on anything gay in the Ugandan press and allover the world; am therefore surprised you didn't say a thing about that chap in Entebbe who defiled some very innocent young boy. Actually the boy was later chucked from school.

Where yu ashamed by that "barber's" acts as well?

gayuganda said...

Hi jny23

Is a black mack, isnt it? I must have been too ashamed,
or would it have ruined my image?

Wait a second. Didnt I blog on that article?

I believe I did. But belief is not enough... Now, check in my posts. Possibly, just possibly I am mistaken. But it will not hurt you to find out or not whether I posted that.

Sorry, I hesistate to pull the post myself. Sometimes, just because I am who I am, people just tend to point that finger without enough evidence. So, search for it...!

Anonymous said...

Richard Flynn, I agree with you, there is far to much abuse on both sides of the 'debate' if we can call it that.

A statistic for you though, research shows

. The number of homosexuals in essentially all surveys is less than 3%. (Statistics Canada found only 1% of the population who described themselves as homosexual.) However, the percentage of homosexuals among pedophiles is 25%.

source(Blanchard R et al.Fraternal birth order and sexual orientation in pedophiles. Archives of Sexual Behavior 2000; 29: 463-78.)

Therefore, the prevalence of pedophilia among homosexuals is about 10-25 times higher than one would expect if the proportion of pedophiles were evenly distributed within the (hetero- and homosexual) populations.

gayuganda said...


What an indictment.

Homosexuals are paedophiles. Proof

spiralx said...

Oh dear.... Anon is back, with those strangely 'bent' figures he/she loves so much...!

Percentage of gay people? It seems to depend on how good surveys are at asking the right questions; how honest people are; how you define "gay". BlurtIt goes for 6% on average:

In Ramon's Blog, Gary Gates (USA) explains a bit more about the difficulties of getting an accurate estimate.

"Less than 3%" is opting for the most conservative estimate you could probably find. Unsurprisingly.

(And as I said before, who cares anyway? People are entitled to be treated decently, whatever their sexual orientation).

Pedophilia and homosexuality. Ah. The tricky one. Though no worse than looking at pedophilia and heterosexuality - which seems to have passed the likes of Ssempa, Buturo, Bahati, Langa, etc. completely by. Strange, that.

I can do no better than reference this article at "Religious Tolerance":

It's American, also from 2000, but since all of the Ugandan stuff is American-driven, that's OK.

An even more psychology-focussed assessment from a university specifally mentions your referenced Blanchard study, and I quote:

Blanchard et al. (2000). Fraternal birth order and sexual orientation in pedophiles. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 29, 463-478.

This study categorized convicted sex offenders according to whether they molested or reported sexual attraction to boys only, girls only, or both boys and girls. These groups were labeled, respectively, homosexual pedophiles, heterosexual pedophiles, and bisexual pedophiles. This classification referred to their attractions to children. Adult sexual orientation (or even whether the men had an adult sexual orientation) wasn't assessed.

Wet Blanket said...

My goodness! What a load of hate and ignorance those people poured on our Kev. I'm pretty sure he is totally hetero and was just trying to make some reasonable points. Whatever happened to the Ugandan tolerance I used to experience? And jny23 should read the blog for surely gug did comment on that poor boy in Entebbe. Thanks to Spiralx for putting us straight (pun intended) on the percentages.
god bless Uganda, she needs it sooo much.

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