Monday, May 4, 2009

His Excellency

The President of Uganda-, he has spoken out about homosexuals in Uganda. So I do him the honour of having the quote on this blog.

It is not the first time he has spoken.

In 1999, he famously ordered the Criminal Investigation Department to look for us and arrest us. It was a quite popular pronouncement, except that it did not go down well with some of his Western friends. They told him that it did not square with their idea of human rights. And he had to walk back the pronouncement. Not in Uganda, where it was popular, but at a speech in South Africa, if I remember well.

With the recent gay bashing, he has not been very vocal. Nsaba-Buturo and others members of his cabinet have been doing the job. But he came out and spoke, urging lawyers…

Here are his words, as quoted in the New Vision.

The President further observed that African culture was under threat from Western influence. He advised lawyers to research on African jurisprudence, addressing issues that had been left out by the adopted Western legal systems.

“There are some Western things that we cannot accept, for example homosexuality,” he noted.

“Europeans are saying it is a right and we are saying it is a deviation. You don’t kill them, but you know it is abnormal. But the Europeans come and say it is an alternative way of life,” Museveni added.

Interesting take on the issue. No. He doesn’t want us killed.

It does seem like a concession, doesn’t it? I think I am a bad guy. I just don’t think I should be persecuted in anyway just because I am different. Why should my life be guided by someone else’s morality? Why should I live at the mercy of someone else, someone who admits they think me abnormal and unnatural?

Strange world. And of course, I do have to listen to what they say. Doesn’t mean that I will sit back and wait for them to decide what punishment suits me in my degraded state.

Heard this. At a conference about HIV, when some African activists were being asked about the persecution of gays in their countries, one government official was riled by all this emphasis on ‘rights’ for homosexuals. He stood up, and said, ‘They should be thankful. The law says we should stone them to death, but (in my country) we have not done that for years.’

Yeah, right.

Suicide to trust in the benevolence of one’s enemies. Should Ssempa or Nsaba-Buturo decide the best interests of gay people in Uganda?




Chris said...

You are the most Paranoid person I have ever come across in my life

Chris said...

Paranoia (Description):Paranoia is a thought process characterized by excessive anxiety or fear, often to the point of irrationality and delusion. Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory beliefs concerning a perceived threat towards oneself.

Chris said...

Oh, just so you should know, out of curiosity, I pulled up the Internet Protocol (IP) address you use to publish this blog, so I know the company to which it is registered,the host computer/laptop and therefore I know where you work. Your anonymous cover has been blown. An IP address is like a telephone number which you use to dial to the internet.If one wants to find it, they will, and I just did. I might (havent decided yet) tip off your boss about the precious expensive internet bandwidth you waste writing this blog yet you are free to be Gay and proud without being so brush and obnoxious about it. Now you have a reason to be paranoid

gayuganda said...

Ha Chris,

sigh, Of course I can guess who you are...!

So, besides being gay, and (the rest of the things I am), I am paranoid?

Thanks, I will fix that word into my vocabulary.

So, why does the paranoia of a stranger so interest you that you show off this kind of morbid fascination?

So, now you know everything about me? What is that going to help you with? It is really interesting. You have never commented on this blog under this pseudonym, but in a few words you have betrayed a lot about yourself.

About my anonymity, dont worry. I am not too worried...!

spiralx said...

What a pathetic, bitter person "Chris" manages to make himself appear.

I think, given the violent homophobia we're seeing at the moment, gay people have good reason to fear for their livelihoods.

"Chris" - get a life. Preferably doing something useful. Away from here.

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