Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More anti-gay Hysteria; in football!

Seems as if the drive to weed out and throw out homosexuals from every sphere of influence in Uganda is ongoing.

I had not seen this article, but here it is. FUFA is the Federation of Uganda Football Associations. Kind of wonder what FIFA would say to this? Does FIFA have an anti discrimination policy against gay people of the world?

 Fufa Chief Vows On Homos in Soccer

Swalley Kenyi 3 May 2009


Kampala — FOOTBALL governing body FUFA president Lawrence Mulindwa has vowed to ban any football officials who are implicated in homosexuality.

Mulindwa's comments follow allegations that a certain Villa official who is gay was in the habit of practicing it with players against their will.

Last month Villa fans under The Blue Army umbrella group 'expelled' the Jogoos' team manager Chris Mubiru in a letter to Mulindwa and asked him to ban the official from football.

Mulindwa urged the victims to speak out to give a basis to deal with such officials because they were killing football talent.

"It is not natural. Let's fight those beasts. They are killing talent. If someone comes out to testify against such people we shall ban them from football," he warned.

The fans led by Samson Nsubuga alias Miracle, have filed several allegations against Mubiru accusing him of 'spoiling' some club players.



spiralx said...
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spiralx said...

That reminds me of a football joke:

The local team has just bought itself a new star player.

Wanting to protect him from too much early rough-and-tumble, in his first match, the trainer tells him: "Right, because you're new, I'm going to pull you off at half-time."

"Wow!", replies the star excitedly, "At my last club the trainer only gave us oranges!"

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