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Ssempa's Infamy UPDATED 09 Mar 2010

The Man wanted attention. And, he has got it.

From Christians scratching their heads, to really, really puzzled non-believers shaking theirs. Now, I am no longer going to pick up all the fantastic press that he is receiving. I will just collate it at this blog post. If you want to read about Ssempa and his Gay Porn, in Church or elsewhere, why, go ahead and read. Some of the choicest are here..

Accolades for Ssempa keep on flowing in. Of course.
Here is another.

Martin Ssempa is a ssick motherfucker, even worse than Peter LaBarbera who probably has enough common sense, at least, not to show his porn collection in church to children.  Ssempa goes out of his way to find the freakiest pornography he can find and then claims that is what all gay men do.  It’s always about gay men.  Lesbians are thrown in as an occasional gratuitous mention of Hell-bound sinners, but the main focus of these perverts like LaBarbera and Ssempa is M-E-N.
If I had a million dollars, I would bet it all that Ssempa “screens” his laptop pornography collection in private with a bottle of lotion and a towel.  Then he bursts into prayers shouting “lord Jesus take this demon of homosexuality from me!”.  Then, it’s off to Parliament to “exterminate this evil from Uganda”, to deny Self, make himself “pure”, praise lord jee-zussss.
This pornography obsession of his makes me wonder … who was Ssempa seeing on the down-low while in the U.S.?  Think about it — how much more perfect could it be for him to pull it off while in the States, while loudly preaching against it?  Ted Haggard ring a bell?  I wonder: could Ssempa account for all his time here, if confronted about it?
There is absolutely no reason for Ssempa to be collecting and showing pornography unless he is getting his jollies from it.  I don’t even watch the stuff; I just have no interest in it or the need to.  Ssempa claims he must show this to show “what all gays do in bed” … first, that is not what all gays do; secondly, every fetish he loves to show can also be found in heterosexual pornography.  He will not talk about the “perverted” things that heterosexuals do in bed … or lesbians, so much.   Ssempa and LaBarbera types are only interested in gay male sex because it turns them on.

Doing the Lord's Work

Pooh-poohing Pastor Martin Ssempa

February 22nd, 2010, by Mike Tidmus

Move over, Porno Pete. Homo-hating, gay porn aficionados around the globe have a new reigning diva. Martin Ssempa is his name and, apparently, scatological fixation is his game.
The poo-obsessed Ugandan pastor first graced this blog back in connection with pop-pastor Rick Warren’s duplicitous claims about his involvement with AIDS in Uganda — specifically Ssempa likes to burn condoms in the name of Jesus Christ and, according to author and journalist Michelle Goldberg, offers faith-healing to disease-stricken congregants.
The high-priest of gay-porn, it seems, will have none of anything that smacks of the gay and Ssempa wants all the world, including children, to get a close-up and personal look at what two dudes might or might not do in the sack. For Ssempa, dehumanizing gay people by reducing them to their sex organs and/or acts is not beyond the pale, because the pastor is dementedly convinced that he’s doing the Lord’s work.

I witnessed Ssempa and a dozen pastors place their hands on the head of David Bahati, the MP who introduced the bill. I watched as they "consecrated" him to "rid Uganda of homosexuals." Calling feverishly for Jesus to save the world from homosexuality, Ssempa projected bizarre pornographic images on a screen in the church. He described and demonstrated the pictured s & m acts in great detail before an audience of several hundred, causing women to fall off their chairs weeping and clawing the air, and children sitting stone like in their chairs. During his demonstration which depicted the eating of feces, penises, bondage and fisting, children in the church were forced to watch. Ssempa demonstrated the acts with his hands and mouth.
 Ssempa is a permanent resident of the United States of America.

The church that has become known as the Ugandan gay porn church 


Martin Ssempa is a pastor in Kampala, Uganda who has sparked a controversy that stretches worldwide. He is an advocate for making those that participate in gay sexual activities, criminals. In an effort to further his anti-gay support, he included several gay pornography videos and pictures during his church service on Wednesday. He gave verbal descriptions of each act presented in the videos and pictures to ensure the viewers were thoroughly appalled.


Why would someone use these radical measures is simply baffling, to say the least. Equating homosexuality with a pornographic rendering of sexual activity is dishonest and mentally sick. Would he portray heterosexuality the same way?

The situation in Uganda is extreme, but it somehow reflects the general position of those who so vehemently repudiate homosexuality. They tend to concentrate on the sex side of it. It makes me wonder if that is all heterosexuals think about when they fall in love, the sex. Maybe it is. Maybe heterosexuals are so obsessed with sex, they project it on everyone else (no, I don't really think this way, I'm just trying to make a point).

I love this quote.
But Ssempa is unrepentant. He said, “In Africa, what you do in your bedroom affects our clan, it affects our tribe, it affects our nation. We are in the process of legislation and we have to educate ourselves about what homosexuals do.”
Explaining his decision to display the images, Ssempa said it was necessary to educate people "about what homosexuals do".  
Here is Earnest Bazanye.

Movie night at Church
February 18, 2010
Pastor Mar’n Sempa is known not just in Uganda, but all over the world as one of the leading entertainers in the field of homophobia. Other homophobes are blatant and simple, but not Sempa—Sempa is an acrobat, a maestro, a man who wields his hatred as an abstract artist wields his brush. That is to say, often you will not understand the details of what is being portrayed, or why or how or even if at all, but you get the general point.
Now, you don’t get to the top by being complacent. You have to constantly find new ways to practice. Innovation is essential for survival in his profession, and that’s what Sempa is really good at.
This week he astounded us all by revealing a move that is as audacious and stunning as whatever the hell that shit was Picasso used to do.

We are still updating this. And, this one is dated 25 Feb, 2010. From the dear Observer's Analyst.

You know, I laughed so much reading this, that I did fail to find one word to deduct from it. Great reading!
Porn coming to a church near you

Written by The Analyst Wednesday, 24 February 2010 18:30
KAMPALA, February – Thousands of believers and non-believers alike are flocking to Makerere Community Church following reports that gay pornography screenings have become part of Sunday worship.
According to the BBC, anti-gay activist, Pastor Martin Ssempa has been screening gay porn in his church ostensibly to drum up support for his anti-gay crusade.
This makes Makerere Community Church the only place in Uganda where watching pornography is “legal”. According to Uganda’s laws, even mere possession of pornographic material is a crime.
It would appear that Makerere Community Church has got a special license to show porn. Moreover, perhaps following Jesus Christ’s example of welcoming children, even kids can watch porn at Makerere Community Church.
A source who went to watch a “normal” film at Cineplex at Garden City on Sunday was surprised to find himself alone in the cinema. He too abandoned Cineplex and rushed to Makerere Community Church when a friend sent him an SMS saying that a “sexy film of people doing things” was showing there.
However, some people who attended the Ssempa pornography screening complained that the good pastor has “poor taste”.
“I am now convinced the man is a pastor. Is that the best gay porn he could find? I was waiting to see lesbians doing it but where, he only showed men!” complained a member of the congregation.
He said he would speak to the pastor to “balance up things” by showing lesbian sex, as well as heterosexual sex.
“If I am going to choose between gay sex and straight sex, I need to compare and contrast,” he said.
Some people, however, were happy that they now know what homosexuality is all about.
“I can’t wait to get home and try it out. The men in the movie really seemed to be enjoying themselves,” one member of the congregation told The Analyst.
Meanwhile, sources in religious circles say that many churches, fearing that they might lose their congregations to Pastor Ssempa’s church, are scrambling to import their own pornographic movies.
“Pastor Ssempa has showed us a whole new way to attract followers,” one priest told The Analyst, adding that once the blue movies arrived, he would rename his church “Kampala Miracle Cinema”.

You would think it is only Christians who would be embarrassed by Pastor Ssempa's antics. You are wrong. Even Moslems are flabbergasted. And, it was really a first. The porn in Church!

Here is the article, from Islamic News
In the Christian Church of Uganda has shown homosexual porn

News February 25, 2010 – 3:34 am

Christian community of Uganda protest against the “educational” shows in the churches of pornographic films about homosexuals.

The head of the national team against sodomy Pastor Martin Ssempa decided to show the video “the life of gays’ right in the churches.

Pastor Ssempa showed a film in front of hundreds of Christians in the church, located in the suburb of Kampala. The film shows the homosexuals who have sex.

The head of the Anglican Church of the country named John Kapetva show such films in the churches “outrageous”. “Unbelievably, the pastor of the films shows Christians in a church. Most of us do not support homosexuality, and we believe that the Christian church – not the place to show their dirty acts, “he said.

A Muslim leader in eastern Uganda, Sheikh Abdul Tvavula said, that all religions should respect the “house of God.” He also believes that “Ssempa was not supposed to show these films in the Church».

Roman Catholic priest, Father Richard Mudzhumba said to his knowledge, this is the first demonstration of pornographic films in the Church . “Throughout my life I have never heard anything like it. Head of the Church must always think twice before taking any steps. I condemn such a demonstration video in the Church ».

However, the pastor Ssempa defends his actions. In his opinion, “the majority of Ugandans do not know what they do gays. It is very important to tell them about what really happens when gay men retreated to the bedroom. People need to know what dirty things are happening in the bedrooms of homosexuals ».

Ssempa said that no one can protest against what he knows. “Ugandtsy need to know what gay people to have a reason to support the bill against homosexuality” – quotes the pastor IA “Nyuslend”.

And, the first is the most hilarious.

Celebrating Ash Wednesday

The social committee of a church in Uganda has organised a new line in entertainment. Social Affairs Secretary Mrs Trellis, of Idi Amin Street, Kampala, said:

We have never had such a popular response to one of our socials. We charged a modest fee at the door, so that we can carry on getting new material. We can go from strength to strength, with rippling muscles and pointing ahead firmly.

It is a unique line of Christian entertainment: gay porn that attracted some 300 people, as many as could fit into the room without getting the film on the back of their heads and annoying everyone else.

The first film was Dennis Does Kampala, in which a local man realises he can impregnate half of the city before the police gets to him. The second film was Gobble His Lolly, in which a man hooked on ice creams on a stick finds his vocation with an ice cream salesman and prefers his stick to his lollies.

Ugandans not used to this sort of thing were said to have left the screening full of conversation about techniques and one or two might have been traumatised. "I had no idea," said Billy, "but I have now." Bobby said, "I always thought Saturn Uranus were far out in our galaxy, not here in Kampala."

Mrs Trellis said:

We are showing these films for Lent, as a way of people self-sacrificing their sensitivities. Next week we will meditate and contemplate on a film about immigrants, Back Door for Nigerians: Coming in Uganda.

Pastor Martin Ssempa was present and even commentated through the screening, and then accused an unknown Mr Obama of America for wanting to sell him and other Ugandans this material, when Mrs Trellis can obtain it far more cheaply and easily. Pastor Ssempa said it would likely increase his notoriety further and increase the size of his congregation, although he admitted that 'congregation' might be a euphemism.

I love this one. Its brevity says it all.
Goodness Gracious. What a moron.
The comment stream, from Ugandans, is interesting, to say the least. 

How Do We Get a Ticket to Pastor Martin Ssempa's Gay Porn Slideshow?
In front of a crowd of 300 at an evangelical church in Kampala , Ssempa narrated the photo display. "This one is eating another man's penis," he breathlessly remarked. 


Arrest him! No, it is okay, in a good cause. Parliament here we come!

"He (Pastor Martin Ssempa) should be arrested because he is promoting pornography," the leader of gay and lesbian rights group Sexual Minorities Uganda, Julian Pepe, said.
"The fact that he showed this film to people below 18 years means he has committed a crime."
But Ssempa defended showing the pornographic film to over 300 people in his church on the outskirts of Kampala.
"If you promote homosexuality, you are bringing a curse," he told said. "Uganda is in the process of debating legislation against homosexuality but you need to give information to the people so that they know the behavior that will be regulated."
"We are not going to stop there, but will move to parliament to show the same film," he added.

The pastor using pornography to fan the flames of gay hate in Uganda, Africa.

The congregation was bigger than normal this week at the Christianity Focus Centre in Kampala. Perhaps numbers had been swelled by the prospect of an unusual kind of show-and-tell fast becoming the mainstay of the Martin Ssempa roadshow.
Uganda’s “passionate pastor”, as he calls himself, had revelations to share with the 200 or so men, women and children who turned up on Wednesday. His ambition to mark the week with a “million-man march” in support of a parliamentary Bill to further criminalise homosexuality had fallen flat over security concerns. But he had a sideshow quite capable of causing a stir in itself.”
The major argument homosexuals have is that what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms is nobody’s business,” the squat, shaven-headed preacher said. “But do you know what they do in their bedrooms?”

Why the village people dont play Kampala.

First, however, I want to pose a hypothetical question: If you showed up for church one Sunday, and the priest (or reverend or rabbi or imam or whoever) showed the congregation some gay pornography, what would you think?
Maybe you'd think it was great, and you'd tell your friends, and they'd start going to that church with you each week in the hopes of seeing more. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Chances are, though, that instead you'd wonder why someone would show gay porn at church. I know that would probably be my first reaction. Actually, my first reaction would be to get up and leave, but after that I'm sure confusion would set in, and I'd wonder why God wanted me to spend my Sunday morning watching men having sex with each other. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume most of you would be similarly befuddled.....


Eduardo Guize said...

I went to a Catholic school and one day, when we were thirteen or so, a priest came to give us a speech on sexuality that included soft porn images and x-rays of a vagina with two beer bottles stuck in it. That was them trying to show us the perils of sex. Ssempa's infamy, and blasphemy, takes it to a whole new level.

We're going back to the Old Testament God everybody must fear, and I wonder where the understanding, loving one is. These people want to go back to Middle Age in the 21st Century, a ridiculous attempt that nevertheless get followers and sponsors. It's tragic.


Grub said...
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Grub said...

I think this article explains it hon:

A scientific study showing that, in brief, extreme homophobia tends to be a front for same-sex leanings ;)

"Both groups—non-homophobic and homophobic men—showed significant engorgement to the straight and lesbian porn and their subjective ratings of arousal matched their penile plethsymograph measure for these two types of video. However, as predicted, only the homophobic men showed a significant increase in penile circumference in response to the gay male porn..."

spiralx said...

And there's this small addition to "Stinky" Ssempa's outlandish behaviour & beliefs - from the article in today's UK "Independent" newspaper:

But gays and lesbians should not feel unduly picked on. He also preaches against Islam, feminism, Catholics and Satanists, who, he says, hold meetings under Lake Victoria, where they are promised riches in exchange for human blood, which they collect by staging car accidents. For most people, that would be outlandish; for Martin Ssempa, it is barely out of the ordinary.

Leonard said...

All of these ¨barely out of the ordinaries¨ start to look plain insane when you think of the Child Witch Sacrifices, the Sex Slave trafficing, Government Corruption and other REAL and everyday mindblowing activities in Uganda! Ssempa, Buturo, Orombi and the rest of the ¨immoraleadership¨ ought be imprisoned under Lake Victoria until TRUTH, HONESTY and SANITIY are restored back to Uganda! I think Ssempa and Buturo ought take their vicious murdering ¨act¨ on the road and start making personal appearances Worldwide. Strutting bigmouths who would harm others for personal notoriety and whatever else they can scavage really do belong in a shabby and cowardly little troup of muckrakers with Scott Lively and Hank Orombi.

Jean-Paul, Canada said...

Who would have thought the reverend Ssempa carried within him the seeds of his own undoing?

I still feel so sorry for the humiliation his family will have to face, especially his lovely wife; and his boys better not turn out to!!!

larrybob said...

Here's one that points out that Ssempa compared his showing porn to the showing of images of Female Genital Mutilation, an unfair comparison:

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