Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Spiritual Awakening in Uganda...!

I blog and post, blog and post.

Seems to come and go with the mood.

Have you heard of the spiritual awakening amongst the gay people of Uganda? You might. Or you might not.

We gay Ugandans are supposed to be really, really evil. But, of a sudden, our true spirituality is coming out. Not mine, thank you very much. But, I am seeing all sorts of religious articles which are affirming the spirituality of gay Ugandans. All power to you guys.

Take this Valentine's day Coming out party. The Buzz around it has excited even me! Good for you, kuchus!

And, there is this born again Christian who kind of believes that single handedly, he has shown the path of righteousness to the Anglicans and Catholics not to support the bill. But, he is quite miffed that his religion mates, the Pentecostals, were fooled into supporting the bill.

Poor, foolish, fooled pentecostals. Seems they have to be led by the, nose?

But, the guy does point out the fact that, the Catholic Church in Uganda, and the Church of Uganda have actually reversed their positions. And, he does prove it. Kind of. I would have given him a pat on the back. But, I think once upon a time I caused him to remove the comment page, because I bismirched it with my unholy presence...! No, I would have laughed at the dear man. So, maybe it is for the better.

When I see headlines like 'Uganda's Common Sense approach to sodomy... I cringe. Common sense. No, I tell you, you dont really need to read that article!
And, there is some pressure against the Bill from the SDA Church. Quite interesting, that this church comes up with a protest, and then someone else is quoted louding Uganda's Common sense attitude to Sodomy. Of course, last that I heard, the SDAs in Uganda, their leader, supports the common sense approach. Of course.

Now, to more mundane matters, a high powered Kenyan is coming to Uganda, and Kenya of course. He will speak at Makerere University. Maybe I shouldnt post this here, because I am sure that Ssempa and his dear brown shirts will try to drown him out.
In Nairobi, Mutua's lecture will take place at the University of Nairobi and will be titled "Sexual Orientation and Human Rights: Putting Homophobia on Trial." It is being offered by Akiba Uhaki, a social justice organization. In Kampala, his lecture will take place at Makerere University and will be titled "Sexual Orientation and Human Rights: Interrogating Homophobia."
 Have you heard Buturo speak these days?

About the bill. I mean, the guy is so silent I cannot believe it. He has these fantastic quotes, which I want to continue collecting. But, there is always a problem when he doesnt dish them out. He has caught hold of his tongue. Interesting. Why would this soldier of god ever do so?

It is Valentine's day. And, I am enjoying the innards of a computer and cyber space. I admit I am a weird person. besides being gay.

Hope your day was good. hope the evening is better.

Have a great week.



Leonard said...

My Valentines Day was dear Juan C. and I went to a lovely brunch and then a late afternoon garden party (we have garden parties in this country where there is no Winter)...dozens of straight people who love us just as we are, and they know who we are...civilization is setting in, there is hope everywhere, hugs to you and yours, sweet African dreams.

Leonardo Ricardo

Anonymous said...

You should see the dumb asses my employer and generally various citizens walking around thinking it's a not talked about unless to ridicule or shit for brains thinking of getting other people to believe what you want them to believe by having to have an intimate relationship with the opposite sex. Oh, by the way, government statistics show how many of those that are under educated and are un-employed.

That dude that went there from the U.S.A. isn't going to come back being all proud of himself. And if somebody gets hurt, he should be arrested so society can have it's due cource of JUSTICE!

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