Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The toll it takes on One

My love is a bit worried.

I have been snapping at him. Not his problem, mine.

On Wednesday, at 7:00pm, is the show Agenda Uganda on NTV. There was a brief of it on the tv, an advert.
Recorded in Jan of this year, at La Bonita theatre, I believe. The topic was the Anti-Homosexuality Bill. And, on one side sat Val Kalende, and on the other, Pastor Male and the others. To say that the crowd was hostile is to understate the obvious.
It will be screened this Wednesday at 7pm.

Ugandans have very little knowledge about homosexuality. But, they feel this immense power pouring out of them in their justification of their hate.
Oh yes, I am feeling down, Because sometimes it kind of strikes you that you live in a sea of hate. What if you are found out?

The riots over the weekend in Mombasa, Kenya? Why, they could easily have happened here. It is just that in Uganda we gay people are so hidden and closeted, that most people actually dont know any homosexual. So, who to vent the anger against?

I watched a clip of the demonstrations in Jinja yesterday. Pastor Ssempa leading Ugandans to demand that the bill becomes law. Here is a clip of it. And, another of the same in Jinja.
I wondered, what would one do if you were caught up in that demonstration, and you were a known gay person? If not known, what would be occurring with you, watching your people go out in a demonstration that is literally aimed at having you dead or in prison?

Oh well. You cant stay low. You fight. And that is what we do. Fight, or sink.

And, we shall fight.

I have just heard on Capital FM that the demos which were there in Jinja yesterday were scheduled for Kampala today, but the police has refused Ssempa and co permission. Thank the deities for that. But, they are getting lots of media attention. We will take back that advantage. Slowly, because one cannot live in this atmosphere of hate. We need to change that.

Ssempa is declaring that the Lent Period is the period of mobilisation, and mass action, to have the bill passed by the end of that. By easter day, the bill should be law. Wish I could get a clip of that. Or an audio. Words are powerful. But, but, his voice is powerful either way.

Here is something you may want to read. A look inside the Pastor Ssempa's anti-gay campaign. And, you can read some accounts of the day that he showed porn at Uganda's National Theatre, near the Parliament. Here is one, and another.

In Malawi, a sweep agains gays is ongoing Oh, the wrath of our people goes on and on against us.

Dont worry. Life still goes on.

And, of the Valentine's day celebration? Here is an article about the same.



Anonymous said...

I am thinking more and more, some older and other political men in Uganda have so much problems with their prostate...

Leonard said...

¨I can’t speak for everyone, except that everyone was upset and for all different reasons. Regardless of my position on homosexuality and/or the [Anti-Homosexuality] bill I can tell you what upset me was that ‘Pastor’ Ssempa was preaching against people encouraging hate and intolerance. He shamed himself as a pastor by disregarding what he thought of as sin as an action, and turned the people doing what he calls the sin into something less than human. From where I stand a pastor should be teaching forgiveness because no person as the right to judge another so even if he disagreed with their actions that doesn’t disqualify them from humanity.¨ Throckmorton quoting female listening to Ssempa

I think she summed it up nicely...Ssempa and the rest of the bigots are attempting to ¨disqualify LGBT people from humanity.¨

You know what´s next? The very thing that you wrote about above...mass violence in the Streets (and later beyond...a wildass bloody French Revolution).

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