Friday, February 12, 2010

Justifying Hate. By Christians.

Writing that title, I thought to myself, who should get away with justfying hate?

Nobody. No religion. No rightly thinking person. But, people do justify hate.

It is strange to read the 'Free Press' and realise that freedom includes the right to tell lies. And, before you become incenssed at that, remember that for us to have real freedom of press, those who tell the lies have to be defended. By those who dont!

Awkward, isnt it? I am thinking of those who support Ssempa in America. They are pouring their own brand of lies on the objections to the bill. Know what they do? They dont read the bill. Its text is here. They just listen to what Ssempa says about the bill. So, when I come out and point to the lies, I am gleeful in pushing them into the same boat. Ssempa lies? They also lie.

No. I will not refence them from here. But, I will recommend that they read the bill. Hard to not understand it. If you know what I mean. Its in plain English

But, there are some people who still believe that the earth is flat. And, the sun goes around the earth which goes around the moon. They are very, very adamant. Just check out this post in the Independent, which defies all logic.
Dont hit out at me. It defies my logic. So it defies all logic. You get?

Now, the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda has written to the Monitor to explain why the Church of Uganda supports and doesnt support the Anti-Homosexuality bill of Bahati.
But, the major problem is that, when a person comes to me with lots of learning to prove to me why he should push a spear into my stomach, I see red. Anyway, it is no loss, this statement by the Archbishop.

I like it when Christians justify hate. It is so easy to shoot them down that, even I, the evil, disoriented homosexual, find joy in doing exactly that.
Thanks Orombi. For writing this and putting it in your names. I swear we shall not forget you. Just like we shall never forget Bahati. Let alone Ssempa!

And, you know what? Another Bahati lies, I believe Bahati Lies 3 is in the making. Cant throw away such a golden chance, can I?

Over there at 'Waking Up Now', they get into the fun, shooting down the lies. Of course they do. The Kill the Gay Bill? Oh no. It is the Kill the Straight Friend of the Gay' of course with the Gay too. How can one defend the gay?

And, they go ahead and give me permission to show Uganda's Gay Death March. Here it is.

Pretty expressive, isnt it?

So, the Campaign against the Bill continues. 

You remember what I blogged about, the guy from Mombasa, Kenya asking for prayers? I think this is what they were alluding to.
I have lived with my man for 9 years now. How can we get married when the constitution says that we cannot? Sometimes I believe the anti-gay panic is way out there offensive. Why do people throw away any kind of logical thinking when it becomes an issue about 'homosexuality'?

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aNorthWestView said...

This whole bill and the madness around it from that anti LGBT crowd is down right maddeningly despicable, but I just can't get over the ACoU's line Sexually Disoriented it sounds like We all got lost on the way to the sexuality store or something!

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