Friday, February 19, 2010

The Ssempa fascinating Crusade

A fascinating all round look at the Most Fascinating Martin Ssempa, from the Independent of UK

Lets see,
Get a Priest, a 'man of god' on a mission. Make that mission 'anti-homosexuality' (and, he has gotten awards for it in Uganda)- of course that is Ssempa.
Give him a fascination for all the 'icky' things that happen with gay sex.
You have a fascinating crusade. A very fascinating crusade.
Now, get a blase world, that is concerned with many things, from the earthquake in Haiti, to the nuclear standoff in Iran. To flavour the topic, and, the desire for the 'man of god' for attention, let us introduce gay porn. Yes, porn.
Let the priest show it. He does get attention.
When he shows it in church....! Oh well, Fame at last. At very long last, fame and fame and fame.
The only real problem is that Tiger Woods is coming out to tell us all that happened at the accident. That might dazzle the world....
But, A priest, gay porn, in Church....
Add in minors, children to watch the porn. All in the name of God, of course. And, the priest being Pastor Ssempa, a defiance that turns logic into illogic. The end is to make sure that Ugandans reject Ugandan homos. The means.... Why, simple. Show them gay porn!
But, the people that Ssempa is hunting are now also baying for his blood. Arrest him. Well, they do have a point. Not only is what Ssempa doing against the new bill, it is against the law of the land. For some reason, the Minister of Ethics and Integrity [ahem, ahem] seems extra silent on that. The police? The Inspector General of Police was chatting with him on Monday this week, deciding on whether or not to hold the Million Man March..... So, they are very cosy there. Maybe that is why the 'man of god' is getting away with breaking the law?
Ugandan activists on Thursday called for the arrest of a pastor who screened gay porn in his church in an attempt to drum up support for legislation that could see some gay people given the death sentence.

"He (Pastor Martin Ssempa) should be arrested because he is promoting pornography," the leader of gay and lesbian rights group Sexual Minorities Uganda, Julian Pepe, said.

"The fact that he showed this film to people below 18 years means he has committed a crime."

But Ssempa defended showing the pornographic film to over 300 people in his church on the outskirts of Kampala.

"If you promote homosexuality, you are bringing a curse," he told said. "Uganda is in the process of debating legislation against homosexuality but you need to give information to the people so that they know the behavior that will be regulated."
This is a war of morals. But, we obviously have different takes on what morality is. The Pastor, and the Gay Activists. Who is who here?
Gay rights activists questioned Ssempa's sanity.
"You cannot screen pornographic material to your followers and then want to argue that you are upholding society's morals," Monica Mbaru, from the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, told the news service.
"I think we are dealing with someone who needs medical help," she added.
Obama called the measure "odious."
Excuse me, Mr President. But, I think it is the Pastor here who is really, really, unquestionably 'odious'
And wait. You know what the man of god is going to do in his quest for a homosexual free Uganda?
Christians, from around the world, are really, really disturbed. I am sorry guys, I do know, and understand that Martin Ssempa has his own demons. But, he has come for our lives. And, we have to hit him, and hit him hard. Very, very hard. This odious man needs to be fully exposed to the blistering gaze of the world. He needs help. But first, the world needs to see him for what he is. We shall expose him. Of course, that needs very little help from us. Because he does all the stunts.
Here is one incensed Christian. And, others. And, wonder of wonders, the guy did this on a Holy day for Christians. Ash Wednesday.
Oh yes, he did. Ash Wednesday, the start of the Lent Period for Christians, and, he is asking his *** to give him the gift of the bill becoming law by Easter, the end of the Lent season. Odious? You dont start to doubt it.
But, of course some people are having fun. Like me... I cant stop laughing. I mean, I know this is serious stuff, but!!!!! What a farce. If you are into fun, here is a piece to rock you. Indeed, Celebrating Ash Wednesday, in Uganda. If you are not really seriously ill with Ssempa's antics.
by the way, this morning, I was at a quite instructive Baraza, or Dialogue where a Kenyan Proffesor-.... No, he is the Law Dean at the New York State University Law School was talking to fellow Africans about homophobia.
MPs were invited. One MP, Odongo Otto, decided to unleash all his homophobia. And, dare I say, ignorance. That Law Dean took the guy apart, very, very nicely.
Shows that anger does not do so much like careful, well reasoned arguments.
And, to the argument that, how dare they tell us in Africa what to do? The guy cooly answered, I am an African, a Kenyan. And, you better remember that Uganda does not live on an island. And, we do have international obligations. And, if Uganda decides to treat some of her citizens like this, then, who do you expect to give you money for free?
Needless to say, reason prevails, or shuts stupidity up.


spiralx said...

So now Uganda is becoming famous as the country where churchmen show porn to children and followers, in the church.


What a reputation to have.

Jean-Paul, Canada said...

Frankly, I feel sorry for his wife, his three children, and his relatives....but especially his wife.

unused said...

Now that he's showing porn, why isn't Dr.Nsaba Buturo, veteran anti-porn campaigner, and minister of "Ethics" and "Integrity" up in arms against his colleague the "good" pastor? Isn't this the same minister while in the information portfolio, who temporarily suspended an East African music TV station's licence protesting music videos with scantily dressed women? Surely this should make him spit food!

gayuganda said...

Hi icearc,

it is simply because Nsaba Buturo is a hypocrite.

Know what I did, I wrote to him, protesting the porn in the church. I am yet to get a reply!!!!

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