Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lets Review, and Debunk some lies

Good morning.

Just going through my mail. First, I had to send my 'Uganda pastor showing porn in Church' letter to the various media houses.
Bite me, but I am a Ugandan. I do feel the requisite sense of shame when Ssempa does such things. He certainly does not feel it.... Me, I do.

Maybe it is ironic that it is a gay Ugandan that is protesting. But, why not?!

Nsaba Buturo is silent.

The Minister of Morals only complains about the morals of homos, who should forget about human rights. The morals of his supporters... Not a squeak. Maybe his irritation that a singer calls himself the Ghetto President is what I should look out for now, since he has gone mum on the Bahati 'Anti-Homosexuality' Bill. Have you read the Bahati Bill recently? Text here.

Ssempa is actually doing what the bill plans to forbid. Let me see the particular sections

Section 7; Aiding and abetting homosexuality
Imagine you are a gay man, starved of porn, sitting in some of Ssempa's sanctioned screenings... But, let us not talk about that.

Section 13; Promotion of homosexuality.
(1). A person who-
(a)participates in production, procuring, marketing, broadcasting, disseminating, publishing pornographic materials for purposes of promoting homosexuality;
commits an offence an is liable on conviction to a fine of five thousand currency points or imprisonment of a minimum of seven years or both fine and imprisonment.
Certainly, Ssempa is to all intents and purposes promoting homosexuality. Once the bill becomes law, I hope to do exactly that.... I will get a pass, wont I?

Speaking of which, MP David Bahati, fierce protector of the Traditional family, sponsor of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill was there, live, at the Screening of Homosexual Porn in a Church. The Church in question is Pastor Kiganda's Church.

Spiritual politics examines the hypocrisy of a Christian supporting this bill. Here is the article.
Me, I am a Ugandan. The highflying arguments do not impress me much. Maybe it is the language. But, I am touched by the cutting down to basics.
Last night I listened to Pastor Solomon Male justify the killing, yes, I said it, the KILLING of gay Ugandans, because they have refused to change. Why not? The bible says so. And, the audience claps...! That was on Agenda Uganda on NTV.

Makes you love the bible, doesnt it?

Anyone who defends gay people is evil and deeply flawed. For me, I cannot but thank those who defend me. Here is an article from Human Rights Watch about what has been happening in Kenya.
See, the evil Human Rights watchdog, like Amnesty International which are bent on 'spreading homosexuality' are the ones who are speaking up on a horrid tale of murder and mayhem, a pogrom happening in Mombasa and the nearby town of Mtwapa.

Ethic cleaning in Kenya. Led by a Bishop, and Moslem clerics. No, I am not lying to you. Re-read that post.

It is no shame, knowing what the anti-gay activists in Uganda, Kenya are in for. Ethnic Cleansing. And more.
It is a shame if you dont read the law, and dont understand that this law is going to affect virtually everybody. Someone estimates that it is so badly written that 80% of those who will be arrested will be those who are actually not gay. Just on the off chance that the government gets a gay person, and imprisons them for life, or kills them. Check out this video assesment of it.

I have just watched it.

I am going to try and embed it in my blog. How does one do that....!

But, here is the Youtube link.

It is that important.

Have a good day



The 27th Comrade said...

I'm actually starting to feel very, very sad for that guy, Pastor Ssempa. Very sad.

gayuganda said...

Comrade, your pity is really misplaced. Really, really misplaced.

Let the man go. go go go. And, know the next stop? Parliament

Jean-Paul, Canada said...


Now would be a good time for you to comment on PinkNews where an article entitled "Ugandan pastor shows his church gay porn" has just broken on the front page.


Princess said...

It's very difficult not to construct ad hominem arguments where Ssempa is concerned...

gayuganda said...

Lil Sis, lil sis.

First, yu are very silent. Then, you come with these difficult words. What is ad, ad, ad... ad h?

AfroGay said...

A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.

- Mark Twain

Princess said...

Arguments where you attack the person rather than his beliefs.

I've been hanging out with lawyers, sowi. :)

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